Letter writer supports Cowan for School Board

On November 6th, the voters of Antioch will be asked to fill three open seats on the Antioch School Board. I highly recommend Barbara Cowan as one of those selected for a board seat.

Mrs. Cowan is a newly retired teacher/administrator. Her 39 years of experience in this noble profession has given her the many experiences necessary to bring valuable knowledge to the Antioch School Board. She will be open and honest in her communications and continue a climate of trust and openness. Her understanding of education and willingness to hear new ideas and suggestions on how to continue improving the system will be a benchmark in her contributions.

Barbara Cowan has taught at all levels and has been a principal of middle schools and high schools. She has also been a special education coordinator. Mrs. Cowan is fluent in Spanish and has had many years of experience in predominately Hispanic schools.

Excellence in the classroom begins with excellence in the boardroom. I urge you to vote for Barbara Cowan.

Richard Asadoorian, Antioch

Trustee, Contra Costa County Board of Education

(the views expressed here are mine as a private citizen and do not reflect the opinion of the other board members)

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