Good Health Begins with Good Organic Food: Now You Can More Easily Grow Your Own

Tomatoes grow in abundance with the help of the Tower Garden.

On your patio or balcony

By Gwen O’Neill

Ask experienced gardeners about their secrets to success and they will tell you about the soil. Is it fertile, does it hold water and what is its structure? These are critical factors to succeed for traditional gardeners everywhere. Now take the soil out of the equation and you have another way of growing plants. Hydroponic and aeroponic gardening uses water and mineral solutions but no soil.

Hydroponics has been around for hundreds of years, but recent breakthroughs in technology have yielded new options for the home gardener. Many challenges such as busy home life, jobs, family commitments and other influences like weather and wildlife make what was at first enjoyable, a now backbreaking chore.

No more digging in the dirt.

Digging holes and tilling soil is not fun or easy. Protecting the plants from squirrels and other pests adds another level of

Tower garden


A new system of gardening that anyone can do, virtually anywhere is a combination of container gardening and hydroponic gardening. This single unit holds a promise of success for the home gardener with less time involved, is an affordable investment and is moved easily.

Single unit portable system

The plant tower combines aeration technology with the flexibility and convenience of a container garden in a single unit. If you are tired of battling gophers and snails, digging in clay and hauling bags of compost and soil amendments into the garden only to have them break down over time and disappear, this advanced form of hydroponic gardening may be your new gardening passion!

Imagine a lightweight plant tower that assembles like a fountain with a reservoir and pump at the bottom, small enough to sit on a deck or porch, with castors to facilitate easy movement to take advantage of changing sun patterns as the seasons change. The tower garden® is a high quality unit made of food grade plastic with steel hardware for long-lasting durability, which uses closed system technology to recycle 90% of water and nutrients. Taking soil born pests and diseases out of your garden and growing your garden gets easier with the tower garden®.

Produce in Half the Time

This use of technology not only saves backs and pocketbooks, but it produces meals from seeds in half the time of conventional growing techniques. This system delivers the produce for only the cost of seeds and a modest amount of electricity to run the pump, producing a bountiful harvest that any professional farmer could be proud of!

Do you remember sprouting an avocado pit or Lima beans in a glass of water as a child? Do you remember how exciting it was to see that first bit of root emerge, and then a tiny sprout? That miracle of life emerges quickly through this unit in the form of lettuce, tomatoes, chard, herbs, beans, berries and more. The units can be stacked to create taller towers to maximize crop yield in a small area.

The seeds germinate in a day or two, and the seedlings harden off in a week or two, which makes this system easy to be a successful grower. The roots of your seedlings are continually bathed in nutrient solution in a highly oxygenated environment, which allows the plants to grow at an accelerated rate.

The uses for this system are wide and varied. Use them in a greenhouse, on a roof or a deck, for schools, food banks and shelters, restaurants, for commercial or for home use. Good health begins with good organic foods. You no longer need to rely on expensive commercially produced fruits and vegetables to support the needs of your family.

The towers were introduced to the market in April of 2012 and are available for purchase with an interest-free payment plan.

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  1. Louise Helshaw says:

    I think growing your own organi vegetables is a great thing to do. Growing your own is so much healthier than supermarket rubbish. My dad is quite green-fingered and he pointed me to this website – – that taught me all about growing organic vegetables at home.

  2. Tyson says:

    My wife and I have recently started gardening and have loved it! We love the fresh healthy veggies and everything tastes so much better! It’s been good on our wallets too, we really can’t complain, but there is still a lot to learn. We really want to grow it and have a big huge garden with everything that we need. Thanks for your tips! 🙂
    SO far we’ve gotten great seeds and tips from this site:

  3. Go Source says:

    Plastic is easy to clean with a spunge and water to let light through better.

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