Rally to End the Federal Reserve this Saturday in San Francisco

By Sean Ackley

As part of a nationwide protest this Saturday, September 22, a rally will be held at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank to end the Federal Reserve, the United States’ third Central Bank.

Many hold the privately-owned organization partly responsible for the recent economic downturn, and blame it for inflation due to the overprinting of U.S. currency, through creating what’s known as fiat money, which is not backed by any gold, silver or other precious metals of intrinsic value.

Most of those opposed to the existence of the Federal Reserve, which is owned by the major banks in the U.S. and was formed in 1913, desire a return to the Gold Standard for the U.S. Dollar and a return to Constitutionally mandated coining of money by Congress instead of printing, since paper has no intrinsic value.

What – Official End The Fed Rally of San Francisco

Where/When – Saturday, September 22, 12:00 Noon at The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 101 Market Street.

Event Info – We will make it up to the Federal Reserve and do a little comedy about the private banking cartel, some education about the fed, some truth about what is wrong with the fed, and make a presence. There will be music, comedy and fun hijinx.

Be prepared for non-violence, bring your cameras, and your First Amendment knowledge. The San Francisco FED police have been very understanding over the years so we hope that does not change.

After party location to be determined, if you have suggestions let me know. We need a place we can have some appetizers and chat about our future.

For more information click here or contact me at 510-409-9908 or Sean@ackind.net or Michael Heise at BigMikeTheTerror@gmail.com.

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End the FED rally

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