Candidate Asks Questions of Antioch School District

Dear Editor:

It’s time to remember all those “Out of Box” and “Silver Bullets” ideas that didn’t work out last election and really just concentrate on the values and traditions already in the box. We need to consider how effective our district is by:

1. Asking are the programs currently ongoing effective for the students?

2. Are our schools being maintained in a clean and healthy environment for our students?

3. Are the teachers and staff motivated and in turn motivating our students to reach higher goals or are some just riding out the last years before retirement?

4. Is the administration prepared with back-up staff members who at a moment’s notice take the place of an ill or incapacitated key figure to keep the district going?

Answers to these questions will not make everyone happy or comfortable but, our students deserve the best fighting chance in our current economy.

Jack Yeager

Candidate for Antioch’s Board of Education


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