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As a personal trainer for the better part of 25 years, I’ve seen marketed almost every “get fit quick” scheme there is. From my experience in the fitness industry I can say that most all of them do not work and have little impact but on the pocket book.

In recent years marketers of these fitness products and routines “in a box”, have refined their techniques of selling, by preying on the late night food bingers (you know who you are) with television commercials designed to help you feel less guilty about that after hours snack or bowl of ice cream. They offer a “miracle” weight loss product or program that of course you can have in three easy payments.

Seeing the dramatic results of “everyday people” losing 30, 60, 120 lbs. and women dropping dress sizes down from an 8 to a 2 or even a 0 and strutting around with renewed confidence plays on the emotions of what has you sitting there chomping away to begin with, a lack of confidence. It is the ultimate temptation: to make you feel like the product can do something to change the way you feel about yourself, and how other people view you.

The real secret to the financial success of these “get fit quick” programs, and your ultimate failure in changing your life and getting in the shape you “want”, is not “false” advertising or even the products they offer. While it is not easy to hear this; it is your weakness. A lack of self-confidence that leads to your lack of will, and self-control.

Your miracle product is in the mail. Opening it up, excited about what it offers, at some point you come to the realization that you are going to have to put work in to making the product effective and lose the extra pounds that the product “promised” you would. To be fair, you are set up to fail from the very start because of unrealistic expectations. These products don’t come with will power.

Looking for the next great fitness product? Don’t. The next one you already have. There is no initial payment to make, just a rock solid commitment to changing your life. In fact it isn’t a product at all, it’s you. And it is guaranteed to work if you stick with it.

Not only will you lose the weight you want, but your health and your life will be fuller and richer than any bowl of ice cream or dessert you have ever had.

Find a boot camp; hire a trainer; grab your wife, husband or the kids and go for a walk; watch what you eat, and follow a nutritional program. You had to make a decision to open the refrigerator, just make the decision not to open it. And the next time you find yourself up at 3 a.m. wanting a snack… GO TO BED!

Terrell Lambacker is a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Progressive Fitness in Antioch. For more information visit his website at or see the ad below.

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