Congressional Candidate Ricky Gill Opens Campaign HQ in Antioch

Ricky Gill speaks at Antioch headquarters opening

By Allen Payton, Publisher

Ricky Gill, Republican candidate for Congress against Democrat incumbent Jerry McNerney, chose a location in Antioch for his Contra Costa campaign headquarters. He and his staff held an opening attended by about 25 volunteers and supporters on Saturday, July 22.

“We have the opportunity to send a fresh face to Washington,” Gill said. “Let’s send a message to the national political scene. We can make history. I’ll be the youngest member of Congress and the youngest Republican elected to Congress since the first World War.”

The 25-year-old, Lodi native is running in the newly created 9th District which includes most of Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley, Byron and Discovery Bay, as well as Stockton and most of San Joaquin County.

The campaign headquarters is located at 5109 Lone Tree Way, between Hillcrest Avenue and Vista Grande Drive.

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Ricky Gill speaks at Antioch HQ opening

One Comment to “Congressional Candidate Ricky Gill Opens Campaign HQ in Antioch”

  1. Omar says:

    I find it funny that Ricky plays up his Valley credentials. Where was he during those seven years during college and law school? He certainly was not down on the family farm!! He was working in Washington D.C. and for the Oakland Athletics among other activities.

    I guess since he has finished law school he wants an entry level job–as your Congressman!!. This kid has real chutzpah to view this as an entry level job when he has little if any real world experience. He hasn’t even held a full time job!!

    Since he plays up his local roots and calls his opponent a carpetbagger, here is an article from The Stockton Record that downplays his criticism.

    Study for the bar Ricky!! Get a real job, and then let people judge what you have to offer as an elected official!!

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