Congressional Candidate Gill Speaks at GOP Convention

Congressional candidate Ricky Gill, running against incumbent Jerry McNerney (D) in California’s 9th District, which includes most of Antioch, was one of a handful of Congressional candidates from across the country who were given the opportunity to speak at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday.

Gill delivered the following remarks, yesterday:

My name is Ricky Gill, and I am humbled to stand before you today as a Republican nominee for Congress – and a proud son of California’s San Joaquin Valley.

My parents immigrated to the Valley from India and Africa with only their love for each other, a strong work ethic, and the enduring desire to pursue their American Dream.

We all work hard in the Valley, and we’re proud to live there. But today we face crippling unemployment and foreclosures-even the bankruptcy of Stockton, our largest city. Young people leave — or drop out of school to help their families make ends meet. Our friends and neighbors are suffering.

But the Valley is a cautionary tale of failed policies, not false ambitions. No one in this country dreams of dependency; no one hopes for mediocrity. We are ready again to seize the measure of our ambitions – not because the government says we can, but because we believe we can.

We need a new generation of leadership to chart the path – to fight for policies that create jobs, rather than red tape — and to help small businesses succeed, rather than helping green energy companies fail.

Like you, we Valley folks are tough, independent, and faithful – and we are ready to rebuild our American Dream.

Thank you, and God Bless America.”

To see a video of Gill’s speech on C-SPAN’s website, click here.

Gill is a 25-year-old, recent law school graduate from Lodi. If he wins, he’ll be the youngest member of Congress.

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