Antioch Police Kill Man Involved in Domestic Dispute Following Chase

By Lieutenant Diane Aguinaga, Antioch Police Investigations Bureau & Allen Payton, Publisher

On Monday, August 27, 2012 at 11:14 p.m., Antioch Police officers were called to the report of a domestic dispute at 2301 Sycamore Drive in Antioch, where a gun was involved. Officers arrived and located the suspect with the gun getting into a vehicle and leaving the scene.

When officers tried to stop the suspect, he fled in the vehicle, leading the officers on a pursuit through Antioch. During the pursuit, the suspect rammed/struck at least two police patrol cars before crashing and fleeing on foot through backyards in a residential neighborhood. The suspect eventually ended up on the roof of a house on Wainfleet Court where he was confronted by officers. The suspect, still in possession of the firearm, pointed it at officers on scene, who in turn fired at the suspect, striking him at least one time. The suspect died at the scene.

A woman living in the neighborhood posted the following on Facebook, after the incident – “There was a horrible incident in my neighborhood. In fact it occurred in my court. There was a car chase with police and the suspect was climbing over fences in my neighborhood. The police called me to let me know they were searching for a suspect possibly in my backyard. They said I should lay low. there were helicopters overhead. The[y] finally spotted the guy on a rooftop in my court and gun fire ensued. The suspect was shot and killed on the roof. My neighbor thought she was safe in her house but 6 bullet holes went through her walls and her children were grazed by bullets. Luckily, they didn’t require any medical attention.”

This information is very preliminary, as a joint investigation with the Contra Costa DA’s Office has been initiated. This is standard with officer involved shootings in Contra Costa County.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective James Stenger at (925) 779-6894.

3 Comments to “Antioch Police Kill Man Involved in Domestic Dispute Following Chase”

  1. Laura Larabee says:

    I would like to hear more about this, because I live next door to a family member of the man shot. And was told a total different story. Like the person had no firearm, and that he was actually try to help another family member by getting a child out of harms way after the parents where having a dispute. I am not saying he was in right for running like that and he did make himself look very suspicious. But my number one question is, did the police actually find a weapon?

  2. Box cutta says:

    I personally wish these reporters would get some act right and get there facts right I’m tired of people talking like they know whats up because they don’t as this so called story is told they didn’t shoot him once his body can obviously speak for its self it was more than once so don’t let today’s society fool ya!! yes he went to help his family from a dispute they had no evidence of a gun or anything at hand to shoot him like that today’s society is such bullshit cops are bullshit they do more harm than good now a days there the ones with bloody hands and have to live with that till their dien days they will always remember all the families they done harm too than good!! I was taught to neva judge a person because thats not mines nor anyones place…. HE LIVED AND DIED 4 FAMILY and he will always be in our hearts and prayers

    • Publisher says:

      Just so you know, there were no “reporters” on this. It was a news release from the Antioch Police Department, which we print pretty much as we receive them.
      Thank you for your comments.
      Allen Payton, Publisher

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