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At Lone Tree, we are a First Tee facility. The summer session just began and I have the privilege to teach the Eagle class which is the level the kids achieve after completing Player, Par, and Birdie certifications. The program is fantastic and this month I wanted to give readers a feel for the fun the kids and coaches have by sharing one of the life skill and golf skill concepts we touch upon in Eagle class, Strength through Diversity. The following are some of the activities that we will introduce to the kids that introduce diversity and appreciation for diversity. The coaches goal is to keep the learning “activity based” (not lectured based learning). Some activities are as follows

  • Diversity warm up/introduction: Discussion regarding favorite food and favorite foods their family enjoys during the holidays. This is always interesting conversation with the kids and stimulates great conversation and interest in other family traditions.

  • Play an entire hole with their #7 iron. By having the limits of the seven iron, appreciatition for other clubs occur, ie. The driver and the distance it gets from the teeing area. Because they putt with a #7 iron, they get creative on how to putt. I’ve seen hooded #7 irons, bellied 7 iron putts, and even putts off the toe of the 7 iron. With this exercise they also learn to change different ball positions to hit the ball lower and get more roll if the shot calls for it, or in the situation where they have to have a softer shot, they move ball position forward to get more height or softness in the shot. So again learning about the diversity of shots with diversity in their set up.

  • Play a team alternate shot where one player hits only metal-woods, one hits only full irons, one is only the dedicated chipper or sand shot, and one is only putting. We follow with discussion of how if you are good with the driver, you might want to put a good putter or chipper on your team to help your be the most competitive. We talk about how when doing a group report at school do you want all team members who are just like yourself or is their strength by having a mix of people with different talents and abilitities?

  • Chip with various clubs. Initially, we start with a basic chip shot on short, fairway cut grass and ask the kids to chip and get it close. Leaving instructions at that. Invariably the kids grab their wedge and chip away. Then we try the same shot but with a putter (texas wedge). Then with a hybrid or fairway wood. Then with a 7 iron. Then we will try these diverse clubs in different positions, just off the green but in the rough; or up against the curtain of the green. The learning for different clubs in different positions occurs fast. You might try it, chips aren’t always about the wedge.

  • We hit clubs while seated in a chair on the driving range. Or while kneeling on a towel. Standing on one leg, then the other. Or with one arm only. Further understanding of how the swing works occurs from these exercises and when mentioned that golfers with physical disabilities might play in a similar manner, appreciation continues.

At the end of such activities, we close with discussion and the kids have much to share. It is truly a delight. You might try a couple of the above and see if you can strengthen your golf game and more through such an activity.

To add a personal note, As your Pro, there is not a day that I don’t think of this life skill while working at your golf course. The diversity of golfers and patrons that support and frequent here, and the diversity and dedication of managers and employees here, paired with the diversity of our Lone Tree Board of Directors and their business acumen they lend, and the support and commitment from the various City Officials and representatives, and the patronage of the untold community organizations truly make Lone Tree an amazing public Golf Course and Event Center, the best public course in Northern California in my opinion, one that truly embodies and understands the First Tee’s concept of Strength through Diversity. Thank you to the so many who are a part in that.

If you are interested in further supporting the First Tee, The annual First Tee Golf Tournament and fundraiser will be help at Lone Tree and Diablo Creek on July 20, 2012. Go to under events to get more information.

Ron Parish is the Director of Golf at Lone Tree Golf Course in Antioch, and a member of the PGA.

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