Antioch High Improvement Bond Measure J Barely Loses

By Allen Payton, Publisher

The Antioch Unified School District’s ballot measure to provide funding to improve Antioch High School failed by about 40 votes.

The parcel tax needed a 55% majority vote to pass and 4,597 yes votes or 54.4% in favor versus 3,854 no votes or 45.6% opposed.

Prior to the vote being certified, School Board Members Walter Ruehlig and Joy Motts said they weren’t sure if the district would seek another ballot measure on the November ballot, if Measure J failed.

Discussions by the full board will take place at their meeting following certification of the election.

The measure would have approved $59.5 million in new bonds for the district. Most of the funds were planned for improvements to Antioch High. However, some of the funds were slated for improvements to Antioch Middle School.

No campaign was run, following the advice of the bond counsel, according to Ruehlig and Motts. That was, they said, because the last bond measure passed without a campaign, either.

One key factor in its defeat could have been the neutral position taken by the teachers union, due to their opposition to the district wanting to relocate their offices to where Prospect High School is located, now.

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  1. Arne Simonsen says:

    The School board would be unwise if they place another bond measure on the November ballot.

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