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Arrest Made in May Antioch Home Invasion Robbery

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Men Were Dressed in Police Uniforms

By Sergeant Steve Bias, Antioch Police Investigations\

A suspect wanted in a home invasion robbery on May 25, 2012 in Antioch was located and arrested on Thursday, July 12.

In the early morning of May 25, at 1:20 am, two males knocked on the victim’s front door in the 3600 block of Baywood Circle in Antioch. When the resident answered, the men who were dressed in partial law enforcement uniforms told him that they were there to serve a search warrant, and went into the house. They began to search through the front portion of the house and directed a second resident to remain in a bedroom while they were there.

After a few minutes of the resident asking questions, he began to suspect that the males were not law enforcement by the answers received, and unusual aspects of the uniforms they were wearing. When confronted, the males left the residence. No weapons were seen.

Antioch detectives followed up on minimal leads at first, which eventually led them to a possible connection regarding uniforms from a volunteer of an unnamed agency that were not returned. Kelsey Scales was found to be a suspect and identified by the victims of this robbery attempt. A search was completed at Scale’s residence, and the two uniforms were recovered. Scales was located and arrested last Thursday, July 12.

The Contra Costa District Attorney’s office filed charges against Scales for burglary, possession of stolen property, attempted auto theft, and impersonating an officer.

The second suspect, described as a black male, age 25 to 30, 5’6” and 150 lbs. is still at large.

Anyone with further information regarding this incident should contact Detective Eric McManus at (925) 779-6940.

This preliminary information is made available by the Investigations Bureau. Any further information or additional press releases will be provided through the Media Access Line at (925) 779-6874. Anonymous tips may be texted to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword ANTIOCH in the body of the narrative.

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Coffee with the Cops July 28

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Come join Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando on Saturday, July 28th from 9:00-11:00 a.m. in a casual setting to discuss public safety issues, crime statistics, etc. Chief Cantando will be providing a brief presentation on crime statistics. Open communication about community issues is encouraged.

This month’s casual “Coffee with the Cops” workshop will be held in the Antioch Police Department Community Room located at 300 L Street. Members of the Antioch Crime Prevention Commission will be in attendance, and make themselves available to answer questions with a focus on enhancing Neighborhood Watch programs for Antioch residents.

The “Coffee with the Cops” concept was developed as a pilot program by the Antioch Police Department in an effort to improve communication between the Police Department and the citizens they serve. These meetings will consist of a one-on-one type format with a member of the police command staff and members of the community. The format of these meetings has been designed to be informative.

The Antioch Police Department is dedicated to promoting the quality of life in Antioch in partnership with our community, by proactively reducing crime with integrity and commitment to excellence.


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Antioch Man and His Mother Overcome Obstacles and Graduate Together with Bachelor’s Degrees

Friday, July 13th, 2012

University of Phoenix celebrates graduation of students in the Bay Area

University of Phoenix Bay Area Campus will commemorate the graduation of more than 1,800 students earning associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees with a ceremony at HP Pavilion in San Jose on July 21 at 10:00 a.m. Nearly 1,000 of those students will walk in the ceremony, including Norma Watson and Will Pearsall, a mother and son from Pleasant Hill and Antioch, respectively. Both will graduate and walk across the stage together, each with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

“I would like to congratulate Norma Watson, Will Pearsall and the entire class of 2012. Every student graduating has succeeded because of their hard work and determination, and we are incredibly proud of them,” said University of Phoenix Bay Area Campus Vice President, Stacy McAfee. “Education in and of itself is not the end goal, but the means to achieve a larger life goal where graduates can be successful and do even more to give back to their communities.”

Watson, who is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business, with a concentration in small business management and entrepreneurship, chose to return to school at a critical time in her life; after her husband of 18 years passed away. She coped with her loss by tackling challenges posed in the classroom, and thanks to the support of her son, who she also took several classes with, Watson feels she has developed the skills and confidence to begin the next chapter of her life. For more than 25 years, she has owned a small business, a beauty salon, and with her bachelor’s degree Watson plans to take the next steps to expand her business.

“After the passing of my husband, I needed to make a positive change in my life. Returning to school was just what I needed,” said Watson. “My education at University of Phoenix taught me the practical skills that will make me a better businesswoman and manager. I am incredibly proud to graduate this weekend, and for our family it has an added special meaning since Will and I will walk together. This experience has truly changed my life, both personally and professionally, for the better.”

Pearsall, who is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in management, is continuing higher education goals that he had temporarily put on hold. A father to four daughters, with another on the way, Pearsall made the decision to return to school once he realized a bachelor’s degree could open doors that professional experience alone could not. Currently a software salesman, Pearsall hopes to manage an emerging technology company, a dream that only recently become a possibility.

“Returning to school was something I always wanted to do, but never thought was possible,” said Pearsall. “University of Phoenix offered a flexible schedule, but also challenged me every step of the way. Obtaining my degree has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life, and knowing that my mom and I did this together, even though we had different goals, will undoubtedly open doors for both of us.”

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is constantly innovating to help students balance education and life in a rapidly changing world. Flexible schedules, challenging courses and interactive learning can help students pursue personal and career aspirations without putting their lives on hold. University of Phoenix serves a diverse student population, offering associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs from campuses and learning centers across the U.S. as well as online throughout the world. For more information, visit

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Schooner’s to Host Fundraiser to Fight Breast Cancer July 19

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

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Free “Night on the Green” Summer Concert at Antioch Community Center July 27

Thursday, July 12th, 2012


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Multiple Offers Are Here – Real Estate Answers

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Since around the February 2012 thaw, buyers’ confidence appears to have increased and the housing market has been heating up. This coupled with very low inventory of homes for sale has produced a hot market for sellers. Listings that are priced reasonably and are in relative good condition are seeing multiple offers. Homes that are turn key such as investor flips or equity sales have had over 60 offers.

So what is a buyer to do? It has been my experience that when it is meant to be it will happen, However it is important that when opportunity knocks you are ready to open the door. Start shopping for a home now search the internet work with a agent to start touring homes so you become familiar with the market and are prepared to offer market value , or slightly higher , when the right home for you comes on the market. I highly recommend working with a buyer’s agent to fully represent your best interests.

My advice on value is to not get too focused on the listing price. Unlike a retail store the asking price is not always representative of the value of the home or even what price the owner is necessarily looking for. This may apply to bank owned, short sale and even investor flips which may be under priced possibly to garner multiple offers and drive the price up through a “bidding war”. However they can also be overpriced for a variety of reasons. I have also seen the use of marketing auctions on occasion whereby the home is listed at very low starting price to generate interest however they traditionally have a reserve price which is secret minimum price that needs to be met by the bidders before the seller is obligated to accept an offer. This reserve price is usually at or above fair market value.

So what is a buyer to do? First of all do not give up hope, next keep watch and when a home that fits your needs becomes available jump on it! Make an offer based on the value of the home to you. Focus on your needs and remember prices are at historic lows so the potential for equity in the long run is great. If you look at a few thousand dollars difference over 30 years it may put it in perspective. Keep your offer clean, consider making the offer “as-is”, this does not mean you waive your rights of inspections it simply represents that you do not expect the seller to perform any repairs which make your offer more desirable that one that may ask for repairs. In my experience when it is meant to be it will happen.

Call a today to get started. As always feel free to contact me for more information.

Patrick McCarran can be reached at (899) 899-5536 or Prudential California Realty is an independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. is a Prudential company. Equal Housing Opportunity.


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Rock Bottom Records Says Farewell to Antioch After 33 Years in Business

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Rock Bottom Records in Antioch, a local hotspot for CD’s and DVD’s for over 33 years, is closing in August.

Rick Armstrong, owner since 1979, says the retail music business has rapidly changed in the past 10 years from physical to digital product.

Luckily, we have had a bunch of ‘old school’ customers who love CD’s to keep us going,” he added.

Armstrong purchased the store in 1979 and it was located where the Wendy’s restaurant on A Street, is now. After five years he relocated the store across the street to the Antioch Square, behind Rite Aid.

The store moved again in 1994 to the Lucky shopping center, now the “Grocery Outlet” center, down by the old Ernie’s Liquors store. Then three years ago, Armstrong made the final move down next to Lamothe Cleaners.

Dale Parsons has been Rick’s manager for 14 years and is a virtual guru of song titles and artists. Over 300 local adults and kids have worked at the store through the years.

Stop by and say “Hello” and “Good-Bye” to Rick, dale and the other employees. They will miss all of you, too.


See their ad in the July issue of the Herald or on this website for specials.

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Strength Through Diversity – Golf Column

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

At Lone Tree, we are a First Tee facility. The summer session just began and I have the privilege to teach the Eagle class which is the level the kids achieve after completing Player, Par, and Birdie certifications. The program is fantastic and this month I wanted to give readers a feel for the fun the kids and coaches have by sharing one of the life skill and golf skill concepts we touch upon in Eagle class, Strength through Diversity. The following are some of the activities that we will introduce to the kids that introduce diversity and appreciation for diversity. The coaches goal is to keep the learning “activity based” (not lectured based learning). Some activities are as follows

  • Diversity warm up/introduction: Discussion regarding favorite food and favorite foods their family enjoys during the holidays. This is always interesting conversation with the kids and stimulates great conversation and interest in other family traditions.

  • Play an entire hole with their #7 iron. By having the limits of the seven iron, appreciatition for other clubs occur, ie. The driver and the distance it gets from the teeing area. Because they putt with a #7 iron, they get creative on how to putt. I’ve seen hooded #7 irons, bellied 7 iron putts, and even putts off the toe of the 7 iron. With this exercise they also learn to change different ball positions to hit the ball lower and get more roll if the shot calls for it, or in the situation where they have to have a softer shot, they move ball position forward to get more height or softness in the shot. So again learning about the diversity of shots with diversity in their set up.

  • Play a team alternate shot where one player hits only metal-woods, one hits only full irons, one is only the dedicated chipper or sand shot, and one is only putting. We follow with discussion of how if you are good with the driver, you might want to put a good putter or chipper on your team to help your be the most competitive. We talk about how when doing a group report at school do you want all team members who are just like yourself or is their strength by having a mix of people with different talents and abilitities?

  • Chip with various clubs. Initially, we start with a basic chip shot on short, fairway cut grass and ask the kids to chip and get it close. Leaving instructions at that. Invariably the kids grab their wedge and chip away. Then we try the same shot but with a putter (texas wedge). Then with a hybrid or fairway wood. Then with a 7 iron. Then we will try these diverse clubs in different positions, just off the green but in the rough; or up against the curtain of the green. The learning for different clubs in different positions occurs fast. You might try it, chips aren’t always about the wedge.

  • We hit clubs while seated in a chair on the driving range. Or while kneeling on a towel. Standing on one leg, then the other. Or with one arm only. Further understanding of how the swing works occurs from these exercises and when mentioned that golfers with physical disabilities might play in a similar manner, appreciation continues.

At the end of such activities, we close with discussion and the kids have much to share. It is truly a delight. You might try a couple of the above and see if you can strengthen your golf game and more through such an activity.

To add a personal note, As your Pro, there is not a day that I don’t think of this life skill while working at your golf course. The diversity of golfers and patrons that support and frequent here, and the diversity and dedication of managers and employees here, paired with the diversity of our Lone Tree Board of Directors and their business acumen they lend, and the support and commitment from the various City Officials and representatives, and the patronage of the untold community organizations truly make Lone Tree an amazing public Golf Course and Event Center, the best public course in Northern California in my opinion, one that truly embodies and understands the First Tee’s concept of Strength through Diversity. Thank you to the so many who are a part in that.

If you are interested in further supporting the First Tee, The annual First Tee Golf Tournament and fundraiser will be help at Lone Tree and Diablo Creek on July 20, 2012. Go to under events to get more information.

Ron Parish is the Director of Golf at Lone Tree Golf Course in Antioch, and a member of the PGA.

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