Trip to Sacramento Monday July 2 to Lobby for Homeowners Bill of Rights

Homeowners Bill of Rights Vote on Monday, Hold Banks Accountable!

By Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Organization

This week we made history! After months and years of organizing CCISCO, and our PICO partners helped to win approval of the Homeowners Bill of Rights by a Conference Committee of the state legislature.

NOW we NEED YOUR HELP to make sure the Homeowners Bill of Rights becomes law in California. On Monday the full Senate and Assembly will vote on SB 900 and AB 278, the Homeowners Bill of Rights.

Please let your state legislators know that you’re counting on them to stand with our homeowners and communities and not be bought by big banks whose unethical and illegal policies and practices caused and continue the foreclosure crisis.

Your support is incredibly important at this time. If you can come with us to Sacramento on Monday please meet us at 9:30am at Antioch Church family at 55 E. 18th St. in Antioch. It is vitally important that we are at the capitol to show our support for this bill. If you cannot make it to the capitol, please email your legislators and ask them┬áto support the Homeowners Bill of Rights today; click here to find your legislators’┬ácontact information.

If you have any questions contact Teresa Flores at 925-759-7402 or email her at or visit

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  1. Arne Simonsen says:

    How about holding the homeowners accountable! IF the failed to read, ask questions and thoroughly understand everything during the process or during the escrow signing, then the fault lies with them.

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