Stop the “Wars” on Our Basic Foundations

Never before in my lifetime, nor have I ever seen it written about in history books of our country that our nation has faced such a unity crises as it does today.  This is in spite of President Obama’s vow to bring us all together as proud “Americans,” without tags of division like, “conservatives”, “liberals”, or race and gender types.

Here are a few examples of on-going people separations:

Racial divides are created by those who see everyone who is not like they are, as someone to be scorned.  Then surely, you’ve heard of the so-called “War on Women”, a condition coined by liberals – without a real cause for doing so.  This war was clearly just one more aspect of the Democratic re-election machine, along with “Occupy Wall Street”, and other movements, like attacks on the rich, who’d rather not be forced to divide their earning with many who seeemingly refuse to work.

The latest version of re-election gimmicks include something called the “mommy wars” which has already backfired.  This female gender trick was preceded by the contraception clashes, which left-wing media called the Republicans war against women.

Then, its quite easy to see the on-going war on religion.  For this condition, I simply cannot find an adequate description these people who stoop to the depths of placing themselves in that lowly category — really!  Thanks goodness for a good and caring God, there is such thing as forgiveness.

Meanwhile, the President has cooled his approach to demanding that religious institutions accept the mandate to purchase health insurance, and to cover contraception costs.

This is likely to pick up steam again, based on the Supreme Court’s ruling in June on the constitutionality of “Obamacare”.  This flared up when the President openly created another warfront, publicly daring the High Court to rule against his signature legislation.

So, for the time being being, the nation will have to wait until the dust settles in 2013 to get a better idea of what our future might have in store for us.

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