Columnist Opposes Antioch’s Measure J

I won’t be supporting Measure J, the Antioch Unified School District’s $59,500,00 bond measure on the June 5th ballot.

Why? Several reasons. For starters, I’ve been told that the district only used approximately $40 million of the $61,600,000 former bond measure which was structured to affect the older NON Mello Roos districts as will the new bond. (Two school board members, Walter Ruehlig and Diane Gibson Gray are Mello Roos taxpayers.) Incidentally, the new bond measure will not include a senior citizen exemption nor did the former bond measure which was one of five at the time. The other four school districts bonds did contain senior citizen exemptions..

Additionally, according to County Counsel’s impartial analysis,, the school district assumes it will receive matching state funds to construct the improvements specified in the bond Measure (NO guarantee) and the District estimates that the highest tax rate required to fund the bonds is $52 per $100,000 of assessed valuation in fiscal year 2012-2013. (If your accessed property value goes up each year you’ll be paying more annually for the life of the bond.)

Secondly, the school district has a huge portfolio of surplus properties which could be used for “one time” costs e.g. renovation of Antioch High School.

I’m disappointed but not surprised that the Antioch City Council just endorsed Measure J but it isn’t surprising since Gary Agopian, Wade Harper and Councilwoman Mary Rocha were former AUSD board members. ( Mary Rocha’s son is the principal of Antioch High) It’s also no surprise that Antioch resident Greg Feere, Contra Costa Building and Trades Council chief, publicly announced his support of Measure J to the press while not revealing his union affiliation.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Just a bunch of bureaucrats demanding MORE money from taxpayers. They don’t seem to understand that this is driving taxpayers OUT of California along with businesses and job creators. It’s not sustainable. And what’s replacing the taxpayers? Illegal aliens who simply don’t make much money and consequently don’t pay enough in taxes to offset the costs they create. The same liberal bureaucrats pushing higher taxes are pushing more illegal immigration. Antioch is turning third-world, just like the rest of California, and everyone knows it. You can thank liberals.

  2. Carlos says:

    Who gets to vote on Measure J? I ask because it was not on my ballet and I live in Antioch.

    • Publisher says:

      Only those in the Antioch Unified School Facilities Improvement District #1 (SFID) were able to vote on the issue as those with property in that area would be the only ones paying the assessment. The SFID does not include any homes in the Mello-Roos district (CFD 89-1).
      Allen Payton, Publisher

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