Writer says Corte Madera Cuts Ties with ABAG

Dear Editor:

“These are unelected people who have this personal vision of what is good for everybody else,” Corte Madera Town Councilman Michael Lappert told the Marin Independent Journal after his council voted 4-1 in favor of leaving ABAG Tuesday night. “They have no check, no balance.”
Ouch! Wow – lots of comments, too!
Maybe Antioch should follow suit and drop ABAG.

2 Comments to “Writer says Corte Madera Cuts Ties with ABAG”

  1. Martin Fernandez says:

    Antioch should join Livermore and many others who are looking into leaving ABAG.

    This is where our low income quotas resulting in Section 8 take over of Antioch is coming from.

  2. Jim says:

    ABAG is the overlord of the Bay Area with a shadowy, stealthy way of lording their beliefs and ideas onto the cities that succumb to their ways.

    GOOD FOR CORTE MADERA – t hey don’t need the idiots at ABAG and neither does Antioch need to be told by the overlords on how to run their city, what to within their city. Most of all, these people are not representative of Antioch residents in the least bit.

    C’MON city council, show us you mean business about restoring Antioch the its former glory as a safe, secure, fun waterfront community that is a “place to go” on the list of Bay Area cities to visit.

    Right now, we are far from that list and we NEED to be on it once again.

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