BART Reveals New Train Car Design Concepts

New BART Train Car exterior

BART has published an update on the design of BART’s Fleet of the Future. The Conceptual Design Update and Community Survey Results report incorporates feedback from nearly 10,000 customers so far.  After getting initial public input at “seat labs” in May and June 2011, BART worked with BMW Group Designworks USA to develop conceptual designs for the new train cars.

The public was then invited to provide feedback on these conceptual designs in August 2011 through a series of community forums including nine “open house” meetings, 14 station events, neighborhood festivals, and other events held throughout the Bay Area.

The design concepts described in the report are the starting point for a design and engineering collaboration with a car builder. As of March 16, 2012, BART announced that Bombardier Transit Corportation is the apparent top scorer in a bid to build the cars. (The early notification is not a recommendation of award of the contract). Bombardier has other hurdles to clear, including submitting required Buy America Pre-Award documentation and undergoing an audit. It is possible that authorization by the Board of Directors to award the contract could come as early as May 2012. Read more in the FAQ.

New BART Train Car interior

Over the next few years, the designs will continue to evolve to ensure that the next generation of BART trains is reliable, cost effective, and comfortable for our riders. To ensure that the new BART train cars meet your requirements, we need your continued input.  As you read through this report, please note your questions and comments and submit them to us through our email feedback form, or email them to us at


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New BART Train Car interior

New BART Train Car exterior

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  1. karl says:

    how come this contract has to go to a foreign country? 4,5 billion dollars. our economy needs jobs like that.
    are there any kickbacks?

    • Publisher says:

      That’s because there is, unfortunately, only one American transit car manufacturer and I believe they only make trolley cars – that is, until CyberTran International begins building their transit cars in Richmond, California.
      Allen Payton

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