You’ll Be Floored by Abbey Carpet

By Ray Faulkenberry

Steven Siegfried, CEO of Abbey Carpet, has been pushing a little toy truck out in front of store for over 20 years. People will often wonder where Steve’s place of business is located. When Steve tells them, they will invariably state, “Oh, you’re behind where that cool little car sits.” It’s funny in how they miss the huge sign but can see the little car that sits out front.

Located at 1802 Verne Roberts Circle, off Costco Way in Antioch, Abbey Carpet been serving Antioch and its neighbors since 1981. Steve’s two key staff members have been with him for over 23 years. Brad Russell, a jolly fellow with a great smile, was a carpet installer for Steve, and their relationship grew to where Brad is now the Store Manager. Jenny McClinton, Operations Manager, is a sweet soul who provides the magic ingredient of a female touch to balance the team.

I was immediately taken on a tour of the store by Steve, whose energy and enthusiasm for his business and the community is boundless. They pride themselves on a level of customer service and honesty that is just not very common in business these days. Steve and his team have survived all these years when other carpet and flooring businesses have fallen by the wayside.
How have they achieved this?

“Very simply,” said Steve. “We treat our customers like family and our customer service sets us apart. When there is a problem, we don’t contract it out to someone to go and fix it. You’ll get me or Brad out there and we will make sure things are taken care of ourselves. We have a 100% guarantee on our labor and we stand by it. We’re not here to get rich. If we can make enough money to survive, provide for our family and basic needs, we’re doing fine.”

Listening to Steve, Jenny and Brad poke fun at each other, laugh and talk about life made me long for the work environment where it was employer and employee but friends who truly care about each other who came together to not only do business but to enjoy each other’s company as well.

Many places have great ads that promise low cost and installation for only $99. However, what looks to be an incredible deal often ends up being 2 to 3 times higher than the ad’s price.

“I’m not wanting to make enemies, but most carpet and flooring places place a price on their carpet or flooring, but that is without pads, labor, and other materials,” said Steve. “By the time you add up all of the other expenses to go along with the cost of the carpet or flooring, you get a very different price than you were expecting.

“Every (Abbey) carpet price you see includes all materials, top-of-the-line padding, installation … everything. There is no hidden cost. We do one thing – we provide carpet and flooring. We don’t try and do what we’re not skilled at. We are still here for one reason – we do honest business and we treat our customers like family.”

Steve, Brad and Jenny are good souls who work together to serve Antioch and the surrounding community. I love their honest, straight-from-the-hip communication style.

I know from experience what it is like to try and get a straight price from a flooring store, and have come away every time disillusioned. We haven’t yet replaced our carpet or flooring in the house. At least I know where I’m heading when we need get ready to buy. I’m heading for that place right behind the cool little toy truck out front.

Ray Faulkenberry, Ph.D. is a business analyst, consultant, author, coach, and entrepreneur. Log onto his website and receive his books on success, leadership, and transformation for free. He can be reached at or

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