Make a Difference by Voting in June Primary

By Lou Davis

One of today’s popular sayings goes like this: “It is what it is.” But I say “it” is also what you make it. And it’s extremely critical today, moreso than ever before, that we make our contributions to help make a difference.

Nowadays, there are very few caring Americans who will disagree with the fact that, like never before in the history of our nation, casting your vote for leaders in this country has never been more important than in 2012. Too bad, but in our system of government we can only ‘throw the bums out’ of office by expressing our choices at the ballot box.

Most will agree that bums which deserve throwing out most are in Washington; from our Robin Hood style president to members of Congress who think the country can spend its way to prosperity and let future generations pay the difference in years to come.

Meanwhile, our governors and mayors appear to be cowered down by other bums called Occupy Wall Street protesters, who obviously do not believe in ballot style change-making, like Tea Party groups. Wall Street occupiers prefer to force their change on us. They obviously feel that the President is on their side, which he has stated several times, and that governors and mayors are afraid to take necessary steps to stop them.

In California, our first opportunity for helping make change comes during Primary Elections in June. If voters feel as I do, with a very strong opinion on who our next leaders should be, voting in the 2012 Primary is not an option. Particularly for the president and members of Congress, voting this year is a must-do proposition.

Although “it” may be what it is, it is up to us as responsible citizens to become more familiar with issues and candidates, and cast a positive ballot this year.

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