Dow Wants to Donate Bicycles

Dow has recently decided to eliminate the use of bicycles at our manufacturing site in Pittsburg, which means we have about 100-130 adult-sized bikes that we would like to donate to some charity. These are not pristine bikes (some are VERY old – almost “classic” looking) but they are all functional. Our employees have been riding them across our site – safely – for decades.

Does anyone have ideas of where we can donate these? A charity can certainly come here to pick and choose what they want. I’m hopeful we can find one or two organizations to take the majority (instead of 15 charities coming to take 5-6 bikes each or dozens of individuals – too labor intensive).

Or if you know an educational program that teaches kids/adults to work on or repair bikes, that would certainly qualify too. Please email if you know of any such organizations.

Patty Deutsche
Senior Manager, Public Affairs
Dow California Operations
The Dow Chemical Company
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