Antioch High Career Fair

Antioch High School will be having career fair on March 9th and PASS workshops on Saturday March 10th.

For those who are able to return on March 10th and participate in the PASS workshop they are starting to prepare the program and need a brief description of your occupation to include (2-4 sentences is all that we require).

They are still in need of volunteers in many other professions if you would be willing to participate please contact Nicole Hunt at or call (925) 756-5736. They are shooting for 75 professions to be represented.

The following is a list of professions that have yet to be represented: 1. Actor 2. Buyer from a clothing store 3. Chef 4. Child Development 5. Computer Graphics 6. Cosmetology 7. Dentist 8. Dental Assistant/Hygienist 9. Designer 10. EKG Technician 11. Electrician 12. EMT 13. Environmental Compliance 14. Flight Attendant15. Hospitality Worker 16. Hotel Management 17. HVAC 18. Journalist 19. Laboratory Technician 20. Landscaper 21. Lawyer 22. Mechanic 23. Medical Administration 24. Paralegal 25. Parks and Recreation 26. Phlebotomist 27. Photographer 28. Physical Therapist 29. Plumber 30. Restaurant Owner 31. Secretary 32. Sports Medicine 33. Stenographer 34. Vet 35. Vet Technician 36. Welder 37. X-Ray Technician

Download the AHS Career Day Flyer here: For more information, contact or call (925) 756-5736.

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  1. Brandon says:

    Do they have a Chiro or did they noteven think of the best profession on the planet?

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