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the Three Kings, Walter Ruehlig, Sherry Morris and Steven Morris posing with Yadeli Garcia Ronzalez, Fernado Garcia and Jezelle Garcia. During the event children were given the opportunity to make their own colorful crowns, decorate stars and color pictures of the Three Kings. The Ballet Folklorico from Brentwood share many colorful dance numbers and children were able to have a photo opportunity with the Three Kings and take home their own photos. It was a wonderful event and everyone in attendance had a terrific time. Photo courtesy of Sharon Cross

Walter Ruehlig

True to form, Somersville Towne Center and their Manager, Sharon Cross, was a sterling neighbor and community partner this past weekend. In conjunction with Carmen and Charles Ochoa and Give Always to Others the Mall presented a Three Kings Celebration.

This is a major holiday in Mexico, and in many ways is more festive than Christmas, with boys dressing in crowns and girls in splendid native dress. It is a culmination and celebrates God, through His Son Jesus being seen in physical form.

Well over a hundred wide-eyed kids, mostly Latino Americans, and their parents, showed up Friday evening the 6th to celebrate the Ephipany, which honors the Three Kings, also known as the Biblical Magi or Three Wise Men from the East, who were sent by King Herod to follow the star and find the newborn Savior, who they found in Bethlehem of Judea.

A magnificent band played and City Councilwoman Mary Rocha emceed the event. The Three Kings, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense (a kind of incense) and myrrh (an embalming oil) were played in colorful costume by Steve Morris, Sherry Morris and Walter Ruehlig. The gifts, symbolizing kingship, deity and death, were lent by St. Ignatius of Antioch Catholic Church, which is reenacting Matthew’s accounting at this weekend’s Masses.

Bearded Steve played the Arab Scholar Balthazar; his wife, Sherry, who sewed the garments, played the Persian scholar Caspar; and Walter Ruehlig played Melchior, the Babylonian scholar. After explaining their divine mission they posed with each child for pictures in front of a manger. Aftewrads, ribboned cellophane bags containing fruit and candies were given to the children alog with cake and hot cocoa.

Stay tuned as after this year’s gushing success, next year promises to be grander yet.

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