One Bay Area Plan is Nixing Opposition

By Heather Gass

*****East Bay Tea Party Call to Action*****

Apparently the management at MTC (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) and ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments) are so afraid that there will actually be REAL citizens showing up at their One Bay Area “Kabuki” theatre visioning meetings that they have intentionally been rigging the attendee list.

This goes to show how far these agencies will go to hide what they are really planning on implementing. They know that if the public really knows what SB375 (Sustainable Communities) and AB32 would really do to our economy and private property rights that we would say NO!

As of yesterday almost 95% of the citizens that have signed up for workshops around the bay area have either NEVER received a confirmation or only received one if they signed up identifying themselves as a “Social or Environmental Justice” advocate.

I have never heard of a PUBLIC meeting requiring the public to preregister for the event and identify and/or characterize themselves as either; “concerned citizen”, “smaller role of govt.”, “social advocate”, “social justice”, etc. MTC purposefully set a maximum attendance at each meeting to 100 people.

Currently all of the meetings are waitlisted. If so many want to attend they should be postponing the event and finding a bigger venue to hold it in. Many of these concern citizens signed up in early December and have never received an email confirmation. When they call MTC to inquire they never get a call back.

In late December Greenbelt Alliance, who is a strategic partner in One Bay Area and also co-sponsored and facilitated the visioining sessions last spring put out a desperate call to all their supporters advising them that REAL citizens would be showing up to these meetings and pleading with them to attend as well.

This is a Major conflict of interest and should not be tolerated. These meetings are meant for PUBLIC input not shills and stakeholders who seek to benefit by the outcome of these meetings. All of this is clearly their way of weeding out who is pro-One Bay Area and who is not prior to the meetings. They are only holding One public input meeting per County for all nine Bay Area counties.

These 900 attendees will be the only ones providing public input about the fate and future of over 7 million people in the Bay Area for the next 25 years! To have a government agency display such blatant disregard for the public is a travesty. MTC has clearly been controlling who is being allowed to attend.

I’ve had enough of this crap. Yesterday I filed a formal complaint with the DOT about the shenanigans going on with the signups with MTC. I also specifically emailed a complaint to Ted Matley with the FTA (Fed Transportation Association). You can also file a complaint directly with Mark Green, the chair of MTC.

My suggestion is that everyone on this list should do the same. We need to flood their in boxes with complaints. The Federal Transportation Association and Fed. Highway Assoc. will be holding a hearing next Tuesday to ask the Public how MTC is doing. This should give them something to talk about!

File complaints with DOT, FTA and also with Mark Green the Chair of MTC. Here is there contact info. We need to fight fire with fire. Do it today.

1. Ted Matley FTA Region IX office at (415) 744-2590, or by email at

2. DOT/FHWA Complaint Online OIG Hotline Complaint Form – E-mail to

3. Mark Green – MTC Chair


At this point….. don’t bother trying to sign up and register for these sessions. The process is obviously rigged. I say just show up. After all it’s your future and your tax money paying for all of this!


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