Obama Supports Harmful Occupy Wall Street Protesters

By Lou Davis

Apparently, if it’s left up to President Obama and a confused group calling itself the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, this country could very well be headed farther downhill, amid an already deepening recession.

These ragtag “occupy” groups, fanned out across the nation, claim to represent 99 percent of poor and/or disadvantaged Americans. Most are well supported by ultra-rich anti-capitalists, who supply them with expensive cell phones and other high tech gadgets. After all, they want to be assured that protesters can maintain contact with the likes of film maker Michael Moore and other organizers.

These front line occupiers are also well supported and advised by a variety of union labor leaders, who in many cases are paying them to demonstrate.

Yes, you read right, much of the reason why the protesters are able to exist is because of President Obama’s supportive position on their activities. On several occasions the President has stated that protesters are only airing out their frustrations. Not one time has the President suggested that he is against their actions, even though many are very costly, destructive, and oftentimes they are quite violent.

Only a few of our elected officials have spoken out about the harm that protesters are causing, and the money it is costing financially strapped cities like Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Millions of dollars are being spent to pay for cleanup and overtime pay for police.

The exceptions to speaking out against protesters comes from Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York. Governor Jerry Brown of California certainly needs to address the problem.

In Oakland apparently no one has pointed out that blockading port operations is clearly a violation of Interstate Commerce laws. And the Department of Homeland Security is certainly shirking its duties by not controlling this form of internal terrorism.

One Comment to “Obama Supports Harmful Occupy Wall Street Protesters”

  1. karl says:

    you know whats wrong with your story?
    the occupiers are not the problem, the problem is president obama and his failed agendas/ economic policies,job creation etc. etc.or the reps.no matter which party.
    just look at our local government..failure
    one thing whats makes america the greatest country in the world is: you can go out on the street and protest.

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