Legislation Allowing Boys in Girl’s Bathroom, Locker Rooms

By Capitol Resource Institute

A recently amended bill in the California Legislature would allow boys to access the girl’s locker room, bathrooms and play and compete on girl’s sports teams, starting in elementary school. Assembly Bill 266 had been a bland bill dealing with sports teams and arenas. But with a quick amendment on Wednesday the bill now allows for self-selection of gender by students in California schools.

The modified legislation now states:

A pupil shall be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities, including athletic teams and competitions, consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.

By amending an existing two year bill, the modified legislation avoids certain hearing and public input requirements and perhaps some of the expected public opposition.

“The promoters of this legislation are exploiting children’s gender confusion with their proposal to let each student choose the bathroom and locker room where they most desire to be,” said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute. “Does anybody really believe it is a good idea for either the troubled or the tempted to be told it is up to them to decide whether they should use the boy’s or the girl’s bathroom?”

AB 266 will be heard in the Assembly Education Committee on Wednesday January 11.

Please contact your Assemblymember and the Assembly Education Committee members and urge them to oppose this radical piece of legislation.

Assembly Education Committee
Assemblywoman Brownley (D) (Chair)

Assemblyman Norby (R) (Vice Chair)

Assemblywoman Buchanan (D)

Assemblywoman Butler (D)

Assemblywoman Carter (D)

Assemblyman Eng (D)

Assemblywoman Gaines (R)

Assemblywoman Halderman(R)
916-319-2029 Assemblyman Wagner(R)916-319-2070

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