City Receives Grant to Enhance New Boat Launch

Securing a second grant of nearly half a million dollars from the California Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW), the City of Antioch now has the funding in place to complete the Antioch Marina Boat Launch Facility based on its original plans rather than a
scaled-back version that was being constructed due to a lack of funding, according to Phil Harrington, director of Capital Improvements.

“While the original plans included four launch lanes, restrooms, a bait shop, fish-cleaning facilities and a lighted walkway, due to a shortfall of grant funding the new launch would have been limited to just three lanes with no public restrooms for those using the launch,” said Harrington. “So the additional grant funding will allow the City to provide the type of quality amenities that users of the launch deserve and expect.”

The DBW, a state-run agency whose stated mission is to provide safe and convenient public access to California’s waterways, originally committed $3.8 million to the project, which allowed the City to begin construction on the facility as it continued to seek additional funding to complete the project based on the original plans.

“Until the second and final phase is completed, which is expected to be in mid-spring, there will be no launch fee for day use so that people can see for themselves what a far superior facility the new launch is,” said Harrington.  “Recreation is a big part of what attracts people to Antioch, and this highly-anticipated boat launch will not disappoint.”

3 Comments to “City Receives Grant to Enhance New Boat Launch”

  1. Arne Simonsen says:

    This project has taken an amazing 6 years from the time the original $3.8 million grant was received from DBW.

  2. karl says:

    for a total of $ 4,3 million this has to be a 5 star top notch boat launch facility.

    here is a pdf file link to the org. plans and blue prints.

    for a fraction of that money the city could have renovated the “old” launch area, plus open up an other park (is fenced in at the time)prime city property.

    now the plan is to close the launch ramp, which is by the way in use for over 50 years.

    the closing cost is about $ 30,000

    we have no money for code enforcement, but $ 30,000 to built fences.

  3. karl says:

    at today’s council meeting (march 26, 2013), city staff is asking to rejects all bids, since they came in to “high”, and it also ask the council to apply for an other grant since there is NOT enough money to finish the project.
    while city staff is claiming “we have enough” money to finish the project, why do we need to apply for an other grant?
    i called the department of waterways/ boating, the answer way very more money to antioch, since we have received more then the project cost already.

    but if the city wants to apply they need to hurry up. dead line is april 1, 2013, in order to be considered for the fiscal year of 2014/ 2015.
    “” what a far superior facility the new launch is,” said Harrington.””

    i don’t know what he is smoking. a unfinished project (declared finished during last years budget meeting) a big asphalt parking lot

    3 launch ramp missing
    rest rooms missing
    bait shop missing
    fish cleaning station missing
    boat wash down missing
    any sitting area missing

    off course i emailed my concern to council. email came back as undeliverable, the only one who called back was agopian. no answers from the rest.

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