AUSD Approves Clean Audit

By Amy Claire

The January 18 meeting of the Antioch Unified School District Board of Education included a report on the District’s audited financial statements for the previous school year..

“We look at a number of transactions throughout the year. The audit went very smoothly,” said Jeffrey Jensen, a representative from the auditing firm, to the board members. He expressed appreciation for the cooperation of staff members and district employees during the process.

The report was almost entirely positive.

“We did not have any audit adjustments, so that’s always good news,” said Jensen. “We didn’t have any uncorrected misstatements, either.”

District procedures and records were found to be adequate and accurate, and there were “no compliance-questioned costs” associated with the spending of funds acquired through voter-approved taxes. “Your internal control structure is operating the way you would like to see.”

A few issues were noted – one regarding compliance with state regulations, another regarding attendance and a third regarding Associated Student Body (ASB) issues. Jensen said that these were only minor concerns, and he did not go into detail about them during the meeting. “You had a clean audit this year.”

Tim Forrester, Associate Superintendent of Business and Operations, acknowledged the contribution that each staff member makes each day toward maintaining good accounting practices. “A clean audit report is a one-night look at all the good work that everybody does,” he said.

The firm, Crowe Horwath, served as an independent auditor to ensure that the District’s accounting and financial statements were done correctly.

The next school board meetings will be held on February 8 and February 22, at 7:00 pm, at 510 G Street in Antioch.

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  1. Barbara Zivica says:

    I would like the specifics re the concerns re: compliance with state regulations, attendance, Associated Study Body issues.

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