Search on for Missing Antioch Teen Sisters

Missing Teens Description Nadya and Tamara (Toma) Nealey were last seen on 11/30/11 at Deer Valley High School in Antioch, CA where they are students. Toma has a serious health problem and is presumed without medication. Their cell phones were left at home. Both girls are fluent in English, Russian and Ukraine languages. Antioch Police Department considers them endangered missing children. If you have any information or suspect you have seen them please contact the Antioch California Police at 925-778-2441. They are the daughters of Mike and Garrie Lee Nealey. Their parents and siblings want them home safe and sound. Nadya and Toma if you see this please contact the police or mom and dad or anyone who you feel safe with. Let us know where you are. We love you. Please visit our Facebook page below: Find Nadya and Toma Nealey

This just in – posted on the Facebook page today, 12-19-11 – “Detective Stanton is on our case..his number is 925 779 6884.  I am asking everyone to contact him and ask him when will he make our daughter’s case a priority. Today marks 21 days they are missing. I can not get them on the news until a police officer gives the news the permission. So please help us out..”

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Missing Antioch teens

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  1. karl says:

    thanks for printing the story. i simply don’t understand why the search comes out so late.having two daughters, i feel for the parents.
    i believe the girls are fine, just runaways with boyfriends. do they have cell phones? what are their school friends saying? any search done in the sacramento area, there are large russian communities.
    lets hope they will be back for christmas.

    • Corrina says:

      Please contact Det. Stanton 925-779-6884. Bug him until he makes this case a priority. If it was his kids out there, runaway or not. He would have everyone looking. It’s our only chance to get more publicity. Missing for 21 days is too long.

  2. Jim says:

    Missing since the 30th of November? And we’re hearing about it NOW?

    When were they first reported missing? What’s being done to find them? No pictures of them?

    C’mon, let’s get behind this story!!!

  3. Publisher says:

    Thank you for your comments. We post whatever the Antioch Police Department sends us. However, this was provided to us by one of our writers who saw it on the CCTimes forum/blog.

    As soon as we received it we posted it. As for photos of the girls, there are a few on the Facebook page to which we provided a link. We just posted one of those photos.

    I don’t understand why we weren’t provided any information about this before now. We are looking into the story and will provide more as we get it.

    Allen Payton

    • Jim says:

      Thanks again Allen, I sent Mike a message with your cell number. I hope he calls you. I appreciate it and I know the family does too.

  4. Traci says:

    I heard of this around the first week of Dec. The girls family has been asking for help from the beginning . Whatever the reasoning for them missing whether they ran away, being rebellious, whatever, shouldn’t and doesn’t matter. Let’s do what we can to help find them and bring them home. Their family loves and misses them and that’s what matters. The newspaper getting involved is a start. Now it’s time for the detective In charge of this case and news to step it up.

  5. Thank you Allen for posting this. I am the mom to the 2 girls who are missing. I want to say, My daughter’s did not runaway to be with boyfriends. We do not know why they left. The only important thing is we get them home. They have not been seen since the first weekend they left. So at this point they could be in a situation that isnt safe for them. So please keep them and our family in your prayers. Its almost Christmas our girls need to be home..I know they will be home and I cant wait to see my beautiful girls faces..

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