511 Traffic Info Updates Website

Navigating Bay Area Traffic Just Got Easier

The award-winning 511 traveler information system is offering new functionality to the Bay Area traveling public through a significant update and overhaul of the 511 Traffic page.

The new 511 Traffic page, now being launched in beta at trafficbeta.511.org, provides information to help commuters avoid traffic jams and incidents, and suggests alternate routes to keep travelers moving and reduce congestion in the Bay Area.

Visitors to the 511 Traffic page at traffic.511.org will see a banner at the top of the page inviting them to go to the beta version. The new page features real-time and predicted traffic information and driving times, an enhanced map with improved navigation and easier access to information, and personalization, such as saved recent trips and map preferences.

511 Traffic excels at providing highly accurate, real-time and predicted traffic information for the Bay Area.

“We made major enhancements to our traffic map and information tools based on input from 511 users,” says Shauna Callow, 511 Website Coordinator and Project Manager. “We’re excited to offer a beta version of the new 511 Traffic page now so users can help us confirm the page is working as designed.” The full launch of the new 511 Traffic page is expected spring 2012.

The enhanced traffic map shows travelers real-time traffic congestion, incidents, and construction projects on freeways and highways, at a glance.

Users can also use map tools to view predicted traffic congestion (based on historical averages) when planning a future trip – especially one that requires arriving on-time, like a trip to the airport. 511 operators update incident and construction information 24/7 so that 511 users can access information specific to their trip, whenever they need it.

“The 511 Traffic page is the only resource of its kind built and continually customized for the Bay Area,” says Callow. “So much of the work that we do is related to collecting and verifying traffic data, so it’s exciting to release these website improvements that enable travelers to quickly access this powerful data via a fresh, streamlined design.”

The 511 Driving TimesSM feature delivers personalized point-to-point driving times, including speeds and incidents along a route, and is now better integrated into the traffic map. Travelers can find out how long a trip will take to the minute, given current traffic conditions.

Users can check a typical driving time compared to the current time to know whether conditions are better or worse than usual. When available, alternate routes are provided to allow travelers to choose a different path and avoid congested areas.

511 users can also calculate driving times for a specific future day and time. For example, when making weekend getaway plans, users can enter their trip and select “Fridays” as the day type to view predicted driving times for Friday travel.

With cookies enabled, 511 Traffic will personalize the user experience so that each time users return, their maps preferences and trips are immediately available to them. The Recent Trips feature will save up to three of a user’s most recent trips for quick access to current driving times, incidents, and speeds along the route.

As always, the 511 Traffic page consistently provides the most accurate, latest-breaking traffic news and emergency information affecting drivers. When urgent news breaks or emergencies occur, 511 Traffic displays a ticker at the top of the page to make sure motorists stay informed about major traffic impacts in the region and their commute alternatives.

511 is a one-stop phone and web source for up-to-the-minute Bay Area traffic, transit, rideshare and bicycling information. It’s free of charge and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the nine-county Bay Area.

Call 511 or visit 511.org. 511 is managed by a partnership of public agencies led by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the California Highway Patrol, and the California Department of Transportation.

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