New Fitness Studio Opens In Antioch to Help Progress Your Health

A new fitness studio has recently opened in Antioch called Progressive Fitness. Owners Terrell Lambacker, a 22-year veteran of the fitness industry and his wife Cecily Guest, a 23-year veteran, are bringing their fitness expertise and great passion for fitness to the Antioch community, in the form of a personal training facility.

This has been the long-time dream of this power couple, originally from New York, and now they can bring health and fitness to the public the way they’ve always wanted to.

We are putting the personal back in personal training” says the duo. “The last few years in fitness has seen the big box gyms take personal training and treat it as just another stream of revenue for their facilities, and the quality has been lost which is very sad to me as a life long fitness trainer.”

The fitness consumer believes that because it’s being offered in the gym or health club that it must be good or that the information that they are receiving is the best. Unfortunately that’s not always the case,” said Terrell

He was voted one of the top personal trainers in the country by Men’s Health Magazine, a tremendous honor. He and Cecily are determined to bring personal training back to the public the way it started.

Personal training, in the beginning, was all about the client getting the health and fitness results that they wanted to achieve”, says Cecily. “For the trainer, it was about forging a partnership with your clients to help them get those results in an atmosphere that was comfortable and nurturing. It started in small intimate studios where the clients were part of a community.”

The big box gyms only see the money side of personal training and turned it into some kind of assembly line operation,” she added.

The duo knows of what they speak, both have been managers of fitness and group exercise for some of the biggest health and fitness chains in the country during their long and storied careers in fitness.

At Progressive Fitness we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their health and fitness goals in an atmosphere that is private, comfortable, nurturing and fun,” Terrell said. “No one said it can’t be fun too.” Cecily added.

With all sessions being by appointment only, Progressive Fitness’s hours of operation are whenever clients want to train.

We are here to service our clients when they are able to train, says Terrell. “I don’t want to give clients an excuse not to train, so whenever their schedules allow for them to come in and train that’s when we are open.”

They also offer help and suggestions with nutrition and will soon be offering training and nutrition packages as well because.

It’s one thing we know for sure, you can’t get the results you seek without your nutrition being on track too,” he stated emphatically.

Terrell along with Progressive Fitness’s other top in-house trainer Fred Johnson, who is also a massage therapist, offer to everyone interested in training, a free session to experience what training with these dedicated professionals is like

From the looks of their facility that’s going to be a tremendous workout. They have the TRX Suspension Training System, the hottest fitness training apparatus on the market today. A pair of straps hanging from the ceiling, innocent looking but what a workout those straps can provide.

Along with big tractor tires and sledge hammers, Kettlebells and a few other tricks up their sleeves Progressive Fitness has all today’s fitness enthusiast as well as those looking to lose a few pounds needs to see the results they seek.

Progressive Fitness also offers Yoga Circuits, taught by the Bay area’s top Yogi and owner of Progressive Fitness Cecily. Yoga Circuits are offered every Sunday morning.

Its a wonderful way to start your Sunday after the hectic lives we live during the week”, says Cecily.

Terrell also says that RYDE is starting at Progressive Fitness this month, that’s indoor cycling on stationary bikes called REAL RYDERS – bikes that actually turn from side to side. Plus, GOBOX!, a boxing conditioning class led by Fred.

Its everything but the knockouts,” he said.

For folks who like to dance those extra pounds and inches away, ZUMBA classes are also offered at Progressive Fitness. ZUMBA is taught by YANI, one of the hottest instructors in Antioch.

So stop by Progressive Fitness, located at 4045 Lone Tree Way, Suite C, near Starbucks in the Bluerock Center, and talk to the team about fitness and let them progress your health.

For more information visit them on Facebook at, or on their website at or call (925) 727-3031.


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