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Global NxLevel Strategies & The Antioch Community Foundation is pre-registering for its 2012, “Increase your sales by one-million dollars business planning class.” For existing business owners or new startups, this may be your last chance for business development training for Antioch & Pittsburg residents. Due to 2012 funding cuts, this program may know longer be offered.

Why start or expand a business in this economy, because there are opportunities everywhere. The problem with finding the opportunities is a lack of business planning. 1 out of 5 businesses in the “Land of Opportunity” survives. A business owner, who fails to plan, plans to fail!

GNS wants to help you write a winning business plan. By writing your plan, you will work through your strategies; avoid potentially costly errors like undercapitalizing your business, negative cash flow, hiring the wrong people, selecting the wrong location, underestimating your competition, and pursuing the wrong markets.

To remain relevant in an economy that has experienced downsizing and manufacture’s moving to other countries, GNS is inviting you to register for this 11-week business planning program for just $95.

Not an Antioch or Pittsburg resident? The course is Just $395

Class starts Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at the Antioch Chamber of Commerce. For more information contact Quincy Hardin at 925-209-1584.

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