Helping Hands 2011 – Your Cause is Our Cause

Through Helping Hands 2011 – Your Cause is Our Cause™, 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate chiropractors across the country are banding together this holiday season to support causes in their communities.

During the months of November and December, participating 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate chiropractors will be donating their special new patient fees of $25.00 for local, national or global causes of their patients’ choice. From now until December 31st Deer Valley Chiropractic in Antioch will host “Helping Hands 2011 -Your Cause is Our Cause”.

Said Dr. Brandon Roberts, “In addition to helping our patients, this is just one more small way that we can have a ‘hands-on’ impact in supporting important causes.”

Millions of people are diagnosed with conditions that can be caused by problems in the spine and nervous system. One in ten children show signs of disc degeneration on MRI scans.

“Chiropractic care is making a difference for millions of people. I am proud to know that The 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliates are willing to give back to their communities, especially during these challenging times,” said Dr. Eric Plasker, the best selling author of The 100 Year Lifestyle and organizer of this campaign.

“The direct link between the health of the spine and nervous system and the enhancement of the immune system is now indisputable,” said Dr. Roberts. In a recent study reported in the Chiropractic Research Journal, HIV positive patients, who received regular chiropractic care over a six-month period, experienced a 48% increase in production of immune system cells compared to those who did not receive spinal adjustments.

“Chiropractic can make a difference in the quality of your health on many levels,” said Dr. Roberts.

Because of the input from so many different people, proceeds from “Helping Hands 2011” will benefit many causes. To find out more, please call Deer Valley Chiropractic, 925-757-7571 and/or Dr. Eric Plasker at The Family Practice, Inc. 866-532-3327 x109.

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