Police Kill Fugitive

On October 24 at 5:50 p.m. Antioch Officers responded to 2409 Lemontree Court upon the report of a fugitive, a 33-year-old Antioch man who was wanted on two arrest warrants. One warrant charged burglary and the second was for violation of probation on the charge of possession for sale of a controlled substance.

Officers confronted the fugitive in a carport and discovered he was armed with a handgun. During this interaction, multiple officers fired their weapons at the fugitive. The man was pronounced deceased at the scene. No officers were injured in the confrontation.

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office, the Contra Costa County Crime Lab and Antioch Police are investigating the circumstances of this shooting, which is the normal protocol in this county. Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact Det. Mellone at (925) 779-6930.

One Comment to “Police Kill Fugitive”

  1. Prop187_imlaw says:

    Great job Antioch PD! If the criminals can’t obey the law and then threaten our officers, I prefer to see them removed from society rather than pay to house them and release them later to commit more crimes. This is how we should be dealing with the border crossing illegal felons running around town as well. I’m sick of it!!

    Thank you again Antioch PD.

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