Eagle Scout Gives Gift of Reading to Pediatric Patients

Eagle Scout Jared Paget collects hundreds of children’s books for Sutter Delta Medical Center’s Emergency Department and Pediatric Unit—to distribute to more than 10-thousand children the hospital treats annually.

As part of his quest to seek his official Eagle Ranking, Jared held several local book drives, and reached out to many local business owners to donate money, so he could purchase books. He estimated the project took him approximate 110 volunteer hours. In all, Jared collected more than 800 books that range from picture books to intermediate reading books.

“I thought about my childhood, and when I was a little kid I had quite a few medical issues that required me to visit the hospital a lot,” says Jared. “I remembered being in my room or the waiting room, and having nothing to do but think about how sink I was. So I thought of how entertaining a book can be, and how it takes a long time to read some of them, and just thought that might be a great way to entertain a hospitalized child.”

Phyllis McClanahan, Sutter Delta’s emergency department nurse manger, couldn’t agree more with Jared. “Our ER can get very busy, and our staff is focused on treating patients of all ages,” says Phyllis. “Having a library of children books can help a child pass the time and serve as a distraction.”

Unlike adults, children can become uncertain about their surroundings in a hospital. Popular and fun reads like Good Night Mr. Moon, Ramona’s World, The Cat and Hat can help turn frowns into smiles during difficult times.

“Picking up a book and reading a fun story to a child that is hospitalized can be a real mood-changer,” says Pediatric Nurse Carol Vinzant. “Since they’re missing school because they in the hospital, giving children a book to read is an opportunity to keep children learning when they can’t attend school.”

While Jared turned in his completed his project that earned him his Eagle Ranking, he knows that his project will also have a lasting impacting on many children. Visit our social media press release to view pictures and learn more about Jared’s project.

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