Sutter Delta Hires Diabetic/Obesity Specialist

Diabetes and obesity are growing problems eroding our nation’s health. To help address these growing health issues Sutter Delta Medical Center is pleased to announce the recruitment of Pragnesh Patel, MD, Board Certified in Endocrinology. Endocrinologists are specialists trained in diabetes and the endocrine system to help patients that may have thyroid, hormonal imbalance, low testosterone levels or other metabolic disorders.

For more than a year, East Contra Costa County residents lacked access to a local endocrinologist. Many who needed this specialized care were forced to travel outside their community. In response to this community need, Sutter Delta Medical Center assisted Springhill Medical Group in recruiting Dr. Patel.

“An endocrinologist plays an important role for patients who are hospitalized with diabetes and other metabolic issues,” says Gary Rapaport, Sutter Delta’s CEO. “We felt it was extremely important for the health of our community to recruit an endocrinologist who will practice full time in East County.”

Dr. Patel and his wife (an Obstetrician specializing in high-risk obstetrics) chose to relocate to the East Bay, from New York.

“It’s very exciting to be working in East County,” says Patel, who has spent the past few years practicing in New York City. “The response from patients has been very welcoming, and they are happy to have someone who can see and treat them right here in their community.”

Dr. Patel adds that endocrinologists also specialize in thyroid and pituitary gland disorders, low testosterone and other hormone-related conditions. Generally, patients are referred to an endocrinologist by their primary care physician, and a collaborative relationship between the two doctors can significantly improve the time it takes to make a diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

“Endocrinologists are responsible for managing the symptoms of hormonal disorders,” says Patel. “Primary care physicians usually do a good job of identifying and initially treating diseases like diabetes, but some patients have more complex and complicated symptoms that are more difficult to control. That’s where we can help.”

Dr. Patel says he looks forward to working with the many primary care and internal medicine physicians that practice here in East County. Dr. Patel is an active member of Sutter Delta’s medical staff and has offices located in Brentwood and Pittsburg.

Sutter Delta Medical Center is located in Antioch, Calif. and has been serving east Contra Costa County’s communities since 1967. It has more than 900 employees and more than 300 physicians on staff. Sutter Delta’s services include 24-hour emergency care, a family birthing/women’s health center and advanced cardiovascular care. Sutter Delta Medical Center is a proud member of the Sutter Health network of doctors, not-for-profit hospitals and other health care service providers.

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