Important Issues Facing Antioch

On October 25th, the Antioch City Council will hold a public hearing in regard to several important matters.

First, consideration is to change the city’s priority for infrastructure – streets and sidewalks – from medium to high priority in the 2010-2015 Contra Costa Consortium Consolidated Plan, a document submitted to HUD that details needs and priorities for funding with federal funds.

The City will also consider amending the 2011-1012 Action Plan to include funding code enforcement in lower income areas with Community Dedevelopment Block Grant (CDBG) funding.

Note: The State of California provides annual funding to local law enforcement agencies to supplement law enforcement services. Monies are received by counties and disseminated to local jurisdictions. For the 2011/2012 allocation Antioch will receive an estimated $100,000 that will fund a percentage of one community Police Officer position.

Additionally, Council will make recommendations on 1) finalizing priority needs for funding in fiscal year 2012-2014 and 2) acceptance of the fiscal year 2010-2011 consolidated annual performance and evaluation report (CAPER) detailing the use of community block grant and Antioch Development Agency funds. Note these items were moved from a proposed public hearing on September 27 to the above date.

The primary purpose of the CDBG program is to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment and expanding economic opportunities principally for persons of lower income. Funds are not given to individuals directly. The money funds nonprofit and public agencies to provide services and improvements.

It behooves Council to be wary of the agencies they grant money to. Just this week we learned about a elderly Pittsburg resident who unknowingly signed away control of her money and medical decisions to a caretaker referred to her by a small Antioch-based nonprofit called A-Maze-Ing.

3 Comments to “Important Issues Facing Antioch”

  1. Arne Simonsen says:

    I pleased to see that the city council is directing more of the HUD CDBG monies to streets and sidewalks.

    Unlike redevelopment funds which can only be used within a redevelopment district, CDBG funds can be used anywhere in the city that meet the CDBG goals.

    And thanks for pointing out the issues with “A-Maze-Ing Solutions” which has apparently been ripping off senior citizens.

  2. Martin Fernandez says:

    We have seen ads for that A Maze-ing Solutions on TV. I am glad it has been exposed.

    About public hearings at Tuesdays council. These are regular parts of the council agenda not public hearings. Using the CDBG money for our city should be done. The scope of the district they are going to use is very large and I’m hasppy to see my neighborhood is included.

  3. karl says:

    there should be only one code enforcement only. a code enforcement what covers antioch as a city, and NOT just parts of it.

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