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Want to or not, like it or not, you will probably live longer than you thought. Learn how get to 80,90, 100 years and beyond in style – not a human preservative in a nursing home. Only 30% of aging is based on genetics, 70% is attributed to lifestyle choices

Attend this event and learn: A lifestyle fitNESS program you and your family can enjoy for a lifetime, how to avoid preventable diseases, how to get off the diet roller coaster, nutrition tips to keep you young, endurance tips that improve your staying power, strength tips that empower your mind and body, structure tips tha keep you standing straight, strong and healthy for life.

They will be at the Intuitive Healing Center located at 213 G St, Antioch, Ca 94509. Part1: Thur 9/29 @ 6PM and Sat 10/8 @ 3PM. Part2: Sat 10/22 @ 3PM and Thur 11/3 @ 6PM. RSVP to Dr. Brandon Roberts, DC at Deer Valley Chiropractic 925-757-7571.

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Fitness Event

Fitness Event

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