LifeRing Antioch Expands to Two Meetings/Week

By Bob Driskell

There comes a time when you know inside that you need to stop. Staying clean and sober is easier when you can talk with others and share ideas. Antioch will soon have two ‘LifeRing’-face to face meetings.

One has been ongoing, Mondays at noon for a few years. Now located at Kaiser-Delta Fair Women’s Health Center Meeting Room in the Delta Square Shopping Center, 3624 Delta Fair Boulevard in Antioch. You need not be a Kaiser member to attend. All are welcome.

A new meeting on Thursdays at 7 p.m., will be an ongoing ‘‘LifeRing’’ face to face meeting beginning on Thursday September 8th at Sutter Delta Medical Center Conference Room 1, 3901 Lone Tree Way in Antioch.

LifeRing is an international organization of support groups for people who want to live free of alcohol or other addictive drugs. LifeRing’s approach to sobriety focuses on empowering individuals through the strength of sober conversation.

Each member takes a strong and active role in his or her own recovery. Our meetings provide a safe and supportive environment where members help each other discover the recovery solutions that best fit each individual’s personality, culture, gender, and lifestyle.

Secular means that our approach to recovery isn’t faith-based. LifeRing respects everyone’s religious and spiritual beliefs, but maintains that those are personal and private matters, not subjects for discussion in meetings.

We soon will have two face to face LifeRing meetings in Antioch. If you would like to help, please be in touch. You can also get support 24/7/365 at, including live chat and online meetings, forums and a toolbox. For more information about ‘LifeRing’ Antioch contact 925-301-3277 or

In ‘‘LifeRing’’ there are no steps other than the ones you take to our doors, and you aren’t asked to have faith or to believe in any strength other than your own.

SOBER We believe that our lives depend on complete freedom from alcohol and any drugs that aren’t prescribed by a physician. If you want to stay sober, then you qualify for LifeRing.

SECULAR In LifeRing meetings and online, any religious beliefs remain private. You aren’t asked to have faith, or to believe in any strength other than your own.

SELF-HELP In LifeRing, we work together to build a personal recovery plan that is designed just for you. In sober conversations we share ideas to help ourselves.

In ‘LifeRing’ you can design your own future. Join us!

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