Eliminate Paid Holidays to Help Economy

To the editor:

I can think of ten or more reasons why our economy is in the position of  bankruptcy, but that doesn’t solve the problem. Local business large or small has to make a proifit to meet the payroll.

How do we increase profit without raising prices? We stop paying money for not working. Christmas as a paid holiday should be suspended. The 4th of July should not be a paid holiday. New Years Day should not be a paid holiday. I don’t need a free day because it’s my birthday. Martin Luther King did not die to give us a day off.

Some 14 paid holidays cut into the bottom line of every business in this country and we can’t afford it.

Years ago when this country was growing my father worked 7 days a week and I put in 5 1/2 days for many years. It’s time for a change. The 40-hour week has to go.

Bob Oliver

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