Antioch Cancer Mom Needs Help

Trina Coy with her children

To the editor:

I am an Antioch Resident and community members are trying to help me. I have stage IV breast cancer with three beautiful children.

I have had a terrible experience with my health care provider so they are trying to raise money for my care. My full story is at

I was wondering if you might be able to cover my story. The prayers and support really keep me moving though all this. The most amazing part is seeing how my community is coming together. They are holding a garage sale on Saturday August 13th from 8-5 at 3613 Old Glory Ct. in Antioch.

Cancer is hard but seeing our neighbors come together has been such a blessing. I need all the support I can get.

Trina Coy

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Trina Coy

Trina Coy

2 Comments to “Antioch Cancer Mom Needs Help”

  1. Coolmonkey says:

    Where will the garage sale be? I would like to post the info on my facebook page.
    Thank you,
    Michelle Turner
    Antioch, Ca

  2. Trina Coy says:

    It is this Saturday 8/13 from 8-5 At 3613 Old Glory Ct. Antioch
    They will also be selling goodies hot dogs, cookies etc. We are getting some great items many brand new! It has been amazing. Lots of kid stuff and clothes…even school uniforms

    I feel so blessed to see our community come together =)w Makes a very hard time so much easier. Thank you so much!

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