What is The 99? In the Big Tent at Somersville Towne Center

Hard Hitting Reality of Poor Choices

By Allen Payton, Publisher

Every day an average of 99 young people die in the United States; 31 young people will die today from auto related accidents, 16 from domestic violence or homicide, 12 will commit suicide, today, and the remaining will die from poor choices, diseases and natural causes (CDC Data). “the 99” is a walk-through reality theater focusing on the leading causes of death to young people in our country.

The production is housed in a 20,000 square foot air structure and features 13 rooms each portraying real-life situations where guests experience a 45-minute guided tour.

Four recent guests, two Antioch boys who are cousins and their two relatives from Oakley who are brothers, shared their experiences.

“It was scary and eye-opening,” said Domenic Ferreira, age 13 and a soon-to-be Freshman at Antioch High. “It basically opened your eyes to the real world and how if you take the wrong path it will be hard to get out. You don’t have to take that path since there are two paths.”

Esteban Gurule, a 14 year old who will be a Freshman at Freedom High School said “It was fun and also serious at the same time. It teaches you a lot of important things about what things can do to you.”

His 12-year-old brother Elesio, was old enough to get in, since the warning is no one under age 11 is allowed in due to the graphic nature of the presentation.

“It wasn’t what I expected. Not at all,” Elesio stated. “It was scary and life changing. It made me think about life and choices I make. Everyone should go.”

Humberto Saucedo, age 15, who will be a Sophomore this Fall, also at Antioch High, said “the 99 was a great show filled with great actors, designs, props, features and performances.” Then he added, “I highly recommend it.”

Jeff Warrenburg, owner of Paradise Skate and the Antioch Paintball Park said he took his son, who went back another time.

“I thought it was great,” Warrenburg said. “Everyone should go, teens, young adults and parents.”

The production is not based on fear and scare tactics, but rather is based solely on reality. “the 99” is th ultimate near death experience – a life changing production that will bring people to a point of decision that can change the course of their lives forever.

“the 99” is open to the public, ages 11 and up, in Antioch, for two more weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Thursday the final weekend, July 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30 and 31 in the parking lot of the Somersville Towne Center, between Macy’s and Sears, off Delta Fair Blvd. Doors open at 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Tickets are $10 per person or $3.00 with a discount ticket.

Discount tickets are available at Mr. Pickle’s on Lone Tree Way in the Bluerock Center, Paradise Skate on W. 10th Street at the Fairgrounds and the Antioch Indoor Sports Center on Sunset, next to Aladino’s Pizza or by clicking here and downloading and printing your own.

“the 99” is sponsored by Dr. Rosenbaum & Associates, Arrowed Towing and Recovery, the four East County Ace Hardware Stores, Williams Sanitary Service, Zoo Crew Construction, and Uno Chicago Grille.

For more information visit www.whatisthe99.com.

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