How Would You Spend $1.7M at Prewett Park?

The public is highly welcome to attend the Antioch Mello Roos Board meeting on July 11th at 7 p.m. at 510 G Street. The Board is soliciting public input to pass on to the City Council as to what to do with the remaining $1.7 million available in the Mello-Roos fund for improvements to Prewett Park.

Anyone unable to attend can take the Antioch Herald poll or e-mail comments or suggestions to

One Comment to “How Would You Spend $1.7M at Prewett Park?”

  1. Arne Simonsen says:

    Interesting that the Mello-Roos Board would have this on their agenda, since they are only a financing arm for the 20% of CDF 89-1 funds which is controlled by the City of Antioch for Prewett Park.

    That money can only be used for capital projects and cannot be used for operations & maintenance. Besides, if the 20% figure of the original CFD 89-1 bonds hasn’t be reached, why the rush to spend it?

    Several questions need to be asked first:

    1) What was the original bond limit for CFD 89-1?

    2) What is the City’s 20% share of that limit?

    3) How much of that 20% has been given to the city and spent for capital improvements to Prewett Park?

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