Delta Park Athletic Club to Become Gold’s Gym

By Allen Payton, Publisher

Antioch’s first full-service health club, Delta Park Athletic Club, will become a Gold’s Gym, starting September 1st.

Current members will be grandfathered in at their current rates, it was shared.

Neither current owners Ed and Cindy Wilkerson, nor Gold’s spokesman Dave Reiseman were available by phone or email, today.

Antioch resident Molly Gravelle, a long time employee of Delta Park, shared her thoughts.

“Since I don’t know much about how Golds runs their business, I don’t have much to say,” Gravelle said.  “Delta Park Athletic Club has been a great family run gym for 22 years and that will be missed.  However, as many members realize, it is in need of a ‘facelift’ and new equipment, so if Golds is going to provide that and keep it with a family atmosphere, then that will be good.”

One Comment to “Delta Park Athletic Club to Become Gold’s Gym”

  1. Debra says:

    Not all members were grandfathered in at their current rates. I for one was going to have to pay over 3 times what I am currently paying. The staff of Gold’s Gym was totally rude, commenting that I was the reason that Delta Park was going under. No notices of the take-over were posted, only a small sign about new management. We only found out because we asked the front desk what was going on when we showed up and they were removing the ceiling insulation while people were working out.

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