Allan Cantando is Antioch’s New Police Chief

Antioch City Clerk Jolene Martin administers the oath of office to Antioch's new Chief of Police Allan Cantando as his wife Cherith and their son Connor look on.

By Allen Payton, Publisher

After spending his entire law enforcement career with the Antioch Police Department, 45-year-old Allan Cantando rose through the ranks to become Antioch’s Chief of Police, last Friday, July 1. He was given the oath of office at an official ceremony, today, Thursday, July 7.

In attendance at the ceremony were a couple hundred family members and guests, including the mayor and city manager, current and past mayors and council members, community leaders, other police chiefs in the county, as well as three former Antioch Police Chiefs.

Both City Manager Jim Jakel and Mayor Jim Davis offered their remarks before Cantando was sworn in  by City Clerk Jolene Martin.

“Sometimes I second-guess myself,” Jakel said. “This is the right decision, right from the beginning.

“He’s held virtually every position in the department. He’d do a good job in any community. But he has connections. Just look at the diversity in this room. He’s linked in,” Jakel added.

Mayor Davis spoke directly to the new chief.

“It is with great pleasure that I congratulate you on your advancement, Allan, to Chief of Police. The council is 100% behind you.”

Elwood "Woody" Cantando places the chief's lapel pin on his son Allan's uniform as Allan's wife Cherith watches proudly.

Then, with his wife Cherith by his side, holding their 17-month-old son, Connor, Cantando was given his oath of office by Martin, as cameras flashed and video cameras rolled to commemorate the event.

He then invited his father, Elwood “Woody” Cantando, to pin the chief’s lapel pin on his uniform.

Then an at-times emotional Cantando was given the microphone  and thanked his wife and family members, who he had introduced earlier, and the Chiefs of Police that had given him his start, and those who mentored him in his career, plus those in the Antioch Police Department.

“This is something I’ve dreamt about since I became a police officer,” he said. “Thank you to Jim Jakel for his confidence in me. I was overwhelmed by the support of the stakeholders in this community.”

He referred to a book about successful people, entitled “The Outliers” and how it takes being in the right place at the right time with people who have mentored them.

He spoke of Jim Nunes, the former Pleasant Hill Police Chief who gave him the opportunity to become a cadet in that police department.  Cantando shared how proud he was to wear “that cool, little shiny police badge.”

Retired Pleasant Hill Police Chief Jim Nunes with Chief Cantando. Nunes gave Cantando his start as a cadet with the Pleasant Hill PD.

“I became a part of a profession I love,” he stated.

Cantando mentioned former Antioch Police Chief Len Herendeen who had hired him and was in attendance at the ceremony. He spoke of the recently retired Chief Jim Hyde who mentored him and finally of former Chief Mark Moczulski who encouraged him to apply for positions and promoted him to Lieutenant then Captain.

He concluded his remarks with a commitment.

“I love this department and love this city and as a department, we’ll make a collective difference,” Cantando stated.

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Jim Nunes with Allan Cantando

Cantando’s father pins him

Allan Cantando takes oath of office

7 Comments to “Allan Cantando is Antioch’s New Police Chief”

  1. Kenji Freitas says:

    Congratulations Chief Cantando, this is great news for the city of Antioch!

  2. Arne Simonsen says:

    Thank you Allen for getting this posted on the Antioch Herald website so fast! It was a great swearing-in ceremony and your article accurately reflects the warmth we all felt as Allan Cantando became our new Police Chief!

    • Publisher says:

      My pleasure, Arne. I’m proud of Allan and glad he’s Chief. I knew he’d be a police chief, one day and told him so. Just glad he’s ours!

  3. Brittney Gougeon says:

    Fantastic article Allen! Thank you for posting this so quickly, it was a wonderful day for Antioch, I’m honored to have been able to attend. Congratulations to our new Police Chief Allan Cantando!

    • Publisher says:

      Thank you, Brittney. Glad you were able to attend. Good seeing you there.
      Allen Payton

      • Dean Eddy says:

        Congratulations Chief…Dean Eddy retired K-9 officer from Antioch PD …my partner was “Hondo” Have a Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your staff! Dean and Arlene Eddy from Murphys, CA

  4. Jay S. Glen says:

    Congratulations Allan,

    As your former Captain I always knew you would be Chief someday. I wish you, your family and the Department the best of luck. You have a tough job ahead of you, and I know you will do amazing things for the Department and the City of Antioch. I miss all of you at APD, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Jay S. Glen, Captain APD (Retired)

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