Park District’s Semi-Secret Senior Discount

You probably didn’t spot the Notice of Public Hearing published by the East Bay Regional Park District on June 15th. Let me enlighten you.

Qualified senior citizens (62 years or older) who own property in the East Bay Regional Park District’s East Contra Costa Landscape and Lighting District can obtain an annual assessment discount of 50% for the 2011-12 fiscal year; basic assessment rate is $19.70.

Income qualifications are as follows:
Household: Annual Income:
1-2 persons $31,800
3 persons 37,400
4 persons 45,100

Frankly, I’m disgusted that EBRPD only ran a inexpensive teensy tiny public notice 2 weeks before deadline to advise low income senior citizens how to save a few bucks. The district doesn’t hesitate to continue to raise our parcel taxes, publish an expensive semi monthly Activity Guide and pay their administrators high salaries and large pension/health benefit packages See below for the total cost of employment figures for some of the district’s administrators.

Retiree – General Manager Patrick O’Brien $346,209
Asst. General Mgr John Escobar 300, 208
Asst. General Mgr. Ted Radosevich 287,222
Asst. General Manager Robert Doyle 278,429
Asst. General Manager David Collins 269,360
Asst General Manager Timothy Anderson 265,914
Human Resources Manager Susan Gonzales 249,813
Assistant General Manager Richard Anderson 243,145
Retiree-Assistant Gen. Mgr. Rosemary Cameron 238,891
Police Captain Mark Ruppenthal 222,381

Qualified senior citizens must apply by June 30th for the discount. To obtain an application write to NBS, 32605 Temecula Parkway Ste 100, Temecula, CA 92591 or call NBS (800) 676-7516. (Be sure to have your parcel number.) When I phoned, the person on the other hand seemed surprised and asked how I found out. Well, I always read the public notices, that’s how!

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