Deer Valley Celebrates Graduation

Deer Valley Divine Voices sing for the 2011 graudating class.

By Tami Barrera

What comes to mind when we hear the phrase “my son/daughter is graduating”? A dignified young person in a cap and gown finishing one journey and getting ready to embark on a new one, a seat in the bleachers listening to a few speeches that may run just a little too long, or fidgety young people chomping at the bit to see their name on a piece of paper with a signature?

Deer Valley High School valedictorian Nada Rendradjaja sees 600 people, lives, heartbeats that all beat individually.

“Sure, we may all be here in our matching caps and gowns,” she said. “We were freshman when we were required to wear lanyards around our neck on campus, and sure you can’t forget the uniform policy implemented right at the beginning of our last semester, but despite all of this we are far from being complete clones of each other.”

She believes that all have struggled in some way or another to reach this all important milestone in their lives. A teacher’s advice that “we should all be a little bit uncomfortable” provides room for growth and progression in life. She added, “Make the best of who you are and never stop being a little bit uncomfortable.”

Co-principals Scott Bergerhouse and Clarence Isadore took the stage to offer encouragement for the students’ future and let the graduating class of 2011 know how close to their hearts they truly are and how proud of them they are.

The graduates were on their best behavior. They were dignified ladies and gentleman that showed by their actions in their seats how proud they were of this accomplishment and knew not to take it lightly let alone for granted.

Bergerhouse said, “It is an honor to stand in front of excellence, and I want you to know you have outstanding character. You are standing alone as leaders of our future.”

Deer Valley Co-Principals Scott Bergerhouse and Clarence Isadore speak to the graduates.

Isadore said, “Someone important once said, ‘It is not what you achieve, but what you overcome.’ Most of all your being here today has set you up for tomorrow. In the four years you have been here there have been 33 championships, an award winning DVTV program, visual arts program, career tech program, auto tech program, 16 North Coast Section Banners, and 7 North Coast Section Academic Banners. This is no doubt a product of the academies that make Deer Valley High School their home. The academies are comprised of The Science Research Ace Academy, Law Academy, Delta Performing Arts Academy and The Business Technology Academy.”

Isadore called Deer Valley High School “The Academic Power House.” Bergerhouse reinforced that with, “Deer Valley High School is a home where opportunities are endless.” Both principals told the graduates to go out into the world – set the tone, make a difference, find new horizons, cherish the Deer Valley High School memories and to always remember that they are the class of 2011.

Congratulations, class of 2011.

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