Power Plant Approved on Antioch/Oakley Border

The California Energy Commission has approved construction of the 624-megawatt Oakley Generating Station Project on the old DuPont property on Bridgehead Road near Wilbur Avenue – as well as a power plant in Alameda County.

“Approving these natural gas power plants will help meet California’s growing energy needs,” Energy Commission Chair Dr. Robert B. Weisenmiller said. “When these facilities come online they will provide reliable power for homes and businesses all around the East Bay.”

Natural gas-fired power plants facilitate the expansion of renewable energy power plants such as wind and solar because of their consistent and reliable power.

The environmental reports for the two projects said the facilities, as mitigated, will have no significant impacts on the environment and comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, and standards. The decisions were based solely on the records of the facts, which were established during the facilities’ certification proceedings.

Both reports determined that the records, which contain detailed environmental impact assessments required by the California Environmental Quality Act, were adequate. The records for the projects include the Energy Commission staff’s thorough independent assessment of the projects’ potential impacts on the environment, public health, and safety.

The Oakley Generating Station Project is being proposed by Contra Costa Generating Station, LLC, a limited liability corporation owned by Radback Energy, Inc. The proposed project is a combined-cycle electrical generating facility. The project is located on a 21.95-acre site in Oakley. Construction of the plant, from site preparation to commercial operation, will occur over a 33-month period.

The applicant has a purchase and sale agreement with PG&E to guarantee commercial availability of power by June 1, 2016.

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