Landmark Bicycle Shop Rolls On

By Tami Barrera

In the late 1930s it began in a basement as side jobs for a lawnmower business. But by the time 1940 rolled around, those small jobs had grown big enough to launch a business, Schwinn City, at 814 A Street (at 10th Street) in Antioch.

Schwinn City’s newest owners, Ron and Kelly Lopez, took over the business from Michael Kary, who had obtained it from Dan Jacuzzi in 1974 and retired in September 2007.

What made the transition so smooth was the fact that Ron was Kary’s first employee and has been assembling, fixing and fitting bicycles for as long as Michael was the owner. Ron is a rider himself, so he is well aware of the bicycle world and all it entails to have fun. Whether you are a first-time rider or you have been riding for years, the Lopezes want you to know that your safety is their first priority and your pocket book is a close second.

If you’re on a tight budget, they have a layaway program for some models in which you can put down as little as $50 and be well on your way to owning a bicycle that is backed by a free service agreement for the life of the bike. Schwinn City is among the top in Northern California when it comes to BMX bikes and offers outstanding customer service.

“I would rather get my bicycle from Schwinn City than from anywhere else, because Mr. Lopez takes the time to fit the bike to you like that of a well tailored suit,” said a customer, Alex Ronning.

Ron was born and raised in Antioch and remembers when the city was more orchard than suburbia. But he’s transitioned with the times and is proud to be an owner of a landmark that is a staple to bike riders around the globe. He loves expanding people’s horizons and feels that everyone should be educated when it comes to bicycles.

The Lopezes believe in giving back to the community – donating to the Chamber of Commerce Gala and planning to give away a bike on May 7 – and sharing all they have with those that are interested in their passion of bicycles. They also allow test driving. So how can you go wrong with top of the line service designed to last a lifetime?

They are open every day except Tuesday – hey, they’ve got to rest sometime. The phone number is 925-757-0664. Their website is

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