Humphrey’s: Views, Food, Jubilations and Libations

By Harry Stoll

Wine, dine, and unwind where the river flows, food arrives, glasses clink and everything clicks. Humphrey’s on the Delta is a haven from screeching brakes, honking and sirens, as you hear the sirens sing, “Take me to the river.”

For that first date, charm her or him, arrive here, with the light bouncing off the river in daylight or darkness, singing, “Night and day, you are the one”— ocean-going ships going to and from the ocean, their prows sending a vee shoreward — massed masts of the sailboats in the neighboring marina — the islands always greener on the other side. The wood tables and paneled walls gleam with a heavenly ebony hue, and the table settings are first rate.

Many first dates here result in a marriage, often right here. The banquet room holds 300 guests in its capaciousness.

Or it could be with your steady date, old friends or new acquaintances. Or a family reunion. Or a corporate event, or a glass of wine at the full bar while you avoid thinking about what it all means, and enjoy the momentousness of the venue with the river at your door and the sun saying goodbye in the silky evening air enveloping you.

This grandly-appointed place, was built by William Pelusi, who is fond of cetaceans. He owns San Leandro’s Blue Dolphin and named Humphrey’s after the humpback whale that got lost from his pod and went up river, passing Antioch in 1985 and 1991. See a wood carving of Humphrey as you approach the door and other water creature sculptures on an interior wall.

Eva Romero and her family bought the restaurant in 1995. They leased it out with an option to buy in 2009, but are now back in the swim, only recently re-opening. Eva, son Beto and daughter Cindy run things, and they are ecstatic about their return.

Jesse Zuniga, center, and family enjoy Mother's Day Brunch at Humphrey's.

To herald their return, the Romeros guarantee you only mouth-watering dishes, treats, and specials to leave you craving more. The menu includes plenty of beef — prime rib, filet mignon, New York cuts — and you can cry fowl with a variety of seafood.

Hours: Monday through Thursdays from 11 a.m to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. The parking is free in the generous-size lot. Humphrey’s on the Delta is at the Antioch Marina, 1 Marina Plaza, off of West Second Street near the scenic downtown. For lunch and dinner reservations call 925-778-5800. The Catering/Wedding Coordinator can be reached at 925-777-2065. The fax is 925-778-8304. E-mail or visit

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