Paradise Skate Named Antioch’s 2010 Small Business of the Year

Paradise Skate owner Jeff Warrenburg receives is presented with his plaque by Past Chairman of the Antioch Chamber of Commerce Rich McDaniel.

By the Antioch Chamber of Commerce

At the Antioch Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Gala, on Friday night April 22, the winners of Small and Large Business of the Year were announced.

Paradise Skate, owned by Jeff Warrenburg was chosen Antioch’s 2010 Small Business of the Year. Also nominated were Fast Signs and Dow Great Western Credit Union.

For the past four years that Jeff Warrenburg has owned Paradise Skate, it has changed the way families in East County enjoy their leisure time. Paradise Skate provides an affordable option for family fun. Jeff has made it his mission to help as many local groups as possible. He believes that businesses should contribute to the community in many ways. 

Paradise Skate Roller Rink is open to the public, providing local schools and youth groups the ability to enjoy a fun, safe entertainment while raising money for their various organizations. Jeff also understands there are families who are less fortunate and need a helping hand. Once a month, Jeff opens Paradise Skate to groups of adults and children with disabilities to an afternoon of fun, free of charge.

In 2010, Paradise Skate became the first official permanent home to the C.A.P.S Organization Annual Christmas Party. This event allows hundreds of handicapped families the opportunity to have Christmas Dinner and visits with Santa Claus – including special gifts for everyone! Paradise Skate also contributed substantial donations to over 14 Antioch schools. Paradise Skate is a proud sponsor of numerous local sports teams, including Antioch soccer, baseball, baseball and basketball teams, to name a few. In addition, Jeff offers the use of Paradise Skate to the local Charter School for P.E. classes when the weather prevents the children from holding class outside, as well as other special events.

Jeff Warrenburg holds a copy of the front cover the first print edition of the Antioch Herald in which the article of his achievement appears, on the night of the Chamber Gala where it was announced.

Paradise Skate has always been an active member of the Antioch Chamber of Commerce and the Delta Rotary. Jeff believes in giving back to his community, and in 2010, his ownership of Paradise Skate allowed him to impact the lives of hundreds of children, organizations and businesses in Antioch.

To quote Jeff, “Paradise Skate takes on a fresh air of excitement and down right fun. We are committed to providing a safe, clean environment, staffed by friendly folks. Paradise Skate is a fun place where a family can enjoy great times together.”

Congratulations, Jeff!

Publisher Allen Payton contributed to this report.

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