Officials Gather for Groundbreaking of Highway 4 Widening East of Somersville Road

Officials representing the agencies involved in the widening of Highway 4 East of Somersville Road turn the symbolic first shovel-fulls of dirt as traffic on the freeway crawls behind them in anticipation.

“Truly it’s going to improve the quality of life of Antioch.” Mayor Jim Davis

Officials gathered in Antioch, near the Somersville Road/Auto Center Drive interchange of Highway 4, today to commemorate the start of construction for the further widening of the freeway east of the interchange.

The widening of the freeway and completion of the eBART system to Hillcrest Avenue is expected to be done in 2015. For more information on the highway widening, click here. For more information on the eBART project, click here.

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Officials turn the golden shovels of dirt

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